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AppleHDA Patch Request

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@InsanelyDeepak - Yes I did AppleHDA Binary patching.

I am attaching the latest trouble_shooting_files. Apart from the mandatory files you need there is also a folder called working_files_for_patching.zip which includes a file called default_config.txt that shows my process of getting to the corrected verbs and paths.


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I have dell precision 7520.My biggest worry is the sound. I tried everything and I think Applealc does not support my alc 3254/295. I can not fix it myself, that's why I am asking for help
I used the id layout from the Applealc wiki https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs and AppleHDA Patcher v1.9debug_24951.zip but I can not run this layout


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@InsanelyDeepak Hi mate,


I have tried following the complete guide to create my own Layout ID / Platform ID & Config Data for AppleALC Implementation.

So far Internal Mic & Speaker works, Headphone works too but Line-In mic does not work. When I plug in an earphone with mic on the port it only detects the headphone as speaker but the internal mic is the only option no line-in mic. If you can look into my files it would be great. Thank you in advance!


Dell Inspiron 5558




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hi guys,

i need help for patched appleHDA for ALC663

i have used applealc but i didnt have mic

i used voodooHDA and mic is working but is noisy and speaker sound quality is not as good as appleALC

i'm on 10.15.4

i attached needed file

Troubleshooting files - 10.15.4.zip

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