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Akatsuki Levi

Help With Dell Latitude E5520

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So, i do have a Dell Latitude E5520(Intel Core i5 2nd Gen, 4 GB RAM, Running Mac Os Sierra(10.12.6)).

Everything on it works perfectly, without count the wireless

I've been searching for an Wifi Card that works with it
The Native Dell DW-1501 Is Incompatible(Not asking about this card), but i got three cards to test, an Realtek RTL8187B, a Broadcom BCM4311KFBG and a AzureWave AR5BXB83

Did anyone uses one of theses cards? If yes, do need some sort of kext to make them work? I tried all of them but none seemed to work

(If my EFI folder is needed, just tell)

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These really are very old cards (over 10yr old):

  • AR5BXB83? Are you sure? Don't you mean AR5BXB63 like the AzureWave AW-GE780? That is like AR5BXB6 and unsupported since Lion 10.7.
  • Broadcom BCM4311 -> Ok up to El Capitan 10.11 unsupported since Sierra 10.12
  • Realtek RTL8187B -> used to work 32bit mode in Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7. Seems unsupported since.


Don't hesitate to consult our inventories to find a more modern and more suitable card (802.11n/802.11ac); they're available in our R&D->Wireless & Bluetooth section.


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