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E6320 - Which OSX should I use?


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Hi everyone!


Today I got my E6320 from ebay :)


I was searching the forum for installation guides a bit and I was wondering which OSX version I should use on this device.

Together with the notebook I also got a K09A docking station which I really would love to use.


Could anyone please tell me, which OSX version I should install on my E6320 so I can use the notebook together with the dock?

Maybe someone has some links for install guides for me.


I'm currently using OSX Mojave on my Ryzen PC, but using Sierra or High Sierra on the Latitude would also be fine. Mojave on E6320 is not a must.



Greetings from Germany ;) 

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Stick to High Sierra on this HD3000 laptop. In addition, 8GB RAM is highly recommended to maximize VRAM and minimize the graphics glitches that I expect you'll inevitably experience over time (eg: lines across the screen, pixel corruption), especially after multiple and extended Sleep/Wake. But apart from that, you'll find that everything works on those laptops. Install a SSD in place of a mechanical HDD and you'll find these ageing E6x20 are great and nippy little things.


You may of course use the docking station, knowing that not everything works out of it. You'll find details of patches required for video output ports in various places:


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Thank you guys for your advices.


I already planned to go with 8GB RAM and a SSD. But I wanted to try it first before buying new parts.


@Hervé Can I use your guide (third link) also for installing HS with Clover?

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You could, knowing that I never posted High Sierra/Mojave guides for these models because I still use Chameleon but it does not support installations of HS/Mojave. As such, I use Clover to install and update the OS but I still boot with Chameleon.


The method used to build the USB installer remains the same but:

  1. you install Clover rather than Chameleon at the end
  2. files of the /Extra folder go to Clover's EFI folder as follows:
    • DSDT + SSDT into ACPI/patched folder
    • Kexts in /Extra/Extensions go to kexts/Other folder

Or you can also follow Jake's guides available here:



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Alright guys, I managed it to install HS 10.13.0 to my E6320


I used Jake Lo's guide for that, worked quite well.


Couldn't check yet if the docking station works. One annoying thing I noticed is that the trackpad is not recognized by HS.

I can use the trackpad, but I can't configure it via system preferences so I'm not able to configure tap to click.

Anyone an idea how to fix that?


And of course I want to update to 10.13.6

Is there anything I have to take care of? Probably update Clover to the latest version before updating macOS?




After I updated Clover to the latest version I updated HS successfully to 10.13.6 :)


There still are some things that don't work:

  • the keyboard seems to have problems (right Alt-Key doesn't work, noticed that when I wanted to write an @-symbol)
  • Bluetooth - does not get recognized by HS
  • Webcam - not recognized
  • Trackpad - can be used but no configuration via system preferences possible because OSX says "No trackpad found" (using a trackpad without tap to click is a pain in the butt :D )


Things I have to try in the next days:

  • external docking station (want to use it with two external displays)
  • wifi (have to buy a wifi card or dongle first)
  • card reader




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If you use the VoodooPS2Controller posted in my E6220 Sierra guide, your TouchPad should fully work. It's the kext available in DrHurt's VoodooPS2Controller thread in our R&D->Kexts section. Version R6, compiled by Bronxteck.


For Bluetooth and Webcam, please post details (PCI ids) of the hardware. There are 2 x models of Webcam on these laptops and one of them is not supported whilst the other works OOB... Built-in Bluetooth of these laptops usually is BT3.0 DW375 and this is supported natively with some obvious limitations (no support for Handoff for instance). If you want to be able to turn it on and off, you need to patch the Bluetooth Transport PlugIn to inject the DW375 properties in a existing or a new profile. Very common requirements for BT modules.


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I'm using Jake Lo's files currently and there have been some changes:


  • Webcam now working
  • Bluetooth now working
  • Wifi working (I replaced the wifi card with the Dell DW1510)
  • Keyboard working, mixed Keys Alt&Win now fixed
  • Card reader working


My main problem is still that I cannot use tap to click :(


Docking station still not tested, will do it in the next days.


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You're not using the adequate kext for TouchPad and Keyboard. Use this one, I can vouch for it. You'll have to activate Tap to Click through the PrefPane.



Your Clover config is a little incorrect; use this revised version instead.



Your Clover config makes reference to "SSDT.aml" for obvious CPU power management purposes (mandatory on your 2nd gen Sandy Bridge platform) but you're missing the file. Use Pike R Alpha's SSDT generator script to generate your own file anyplace it in Clover's EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder. You'll then gain full CPU SpeedStep + Turbo boost.


As for the WebCam, look here for the supported and unsupported models. Then lookup your camera's own PCI ids in SysProfiler/System Information. You must have the unsupported model...


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