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DELL XPS 13 9333 - Mojave - Bluetooth and Headphones after wake


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Hi, I have been using my DELL XPS 13 9333 very happily for some time with OSX, with a few bugs, but as we know things change quickly in Hackintosh, so I've been playing a bit to improve and update my install. I am on the latest current OSX, 10.14.5, with latest Whatevergreen, Lilu and AppleALC kexts, but I have a couple of annoying issues remaining.


1. After a few sleeps, I loose Bluetooth.

2. After a single sleep, my headphone socket is extremely noisy and glitchy, unusable.

3. Would also love to get the touchscreen working


I used an old guide on here for a Dell XPS 13 9333 to patch my DSDT, and also used the Hackintool, so not sure if theres something I am doing wrongly.

I have attached problem reporting files, if someone could take a look, I would be very grateful.




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OK, thanks, I will install CodecCommander, I wanted to clarify a couple of things:


1. Is there any specific config / changes to the CodecCommander Info.plist I need to make?

2. Any thoughts on the 'After a few sleeps, I loose Bluetooth' issue?


Kind regards.

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