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[SOLVED] Dell Latitude E6540 audio jack issues


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so i've installed mojave on this machine and it runs perfect apart from 1 minor thing (well technically like 3 but this one prevents usage)

when i plug in  headphones the audio of the speakers go out and as normal the music starts playing trough the external speakers. but with alot of distortion


i'm using voodoohda and when i try to adjust the volume in mac os or voodoohda for the external jack the volume doesnt change so i'm not quite sure what the cause of this is

if i'm right the audio device should be ALC 292

also the internal mic does not function 

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Sigh... Why don't you specify the layout in the correct and dedicated section/part of your Clover config using Clover Configurator app?




And, before you report it:

  • you won't have audio if you reboot from Windows into macOS (proceed with a cold boot)
  • you may lose audio on some occasions (like plugging/unplugging headphones) in which case just put laptop to sleep and wake it. You'll need to have CodecCommander kext installed alongside AppleALC of course.


These things been mentioned many times before so don't hesitate to use for forum Search facility before posting (it's at the top of the forum window).


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i was browsing trough clover configurator and spotted that section just now indeed and after putting the appleALC.kext inside my clover kexts folder it doesnt appear to be working. i'm going to try to reinstall the appleHDA.kext incase it has been modified in anyway and causing it to not work

p.s i removed voodooHDA from s/l/e and ran kext utility to refresh kext cache

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 18.08.49.png

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i removed both  voodooHDA and AppleHDADisabler and reinstalled a clean appleHDA kext, i've done a bit of googling and come across that  id 18 or 28 might work too but that didnt work either. 

maybe a list of kexts i use is helpfull 

these are all the kexts needed to get mojave running (no patches to s/l/e)

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 19.21.41.png

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