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E6530 - Catalina GM problems with USB ports


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Hmm... I think I remember experiencing this before... from memory under Mojave... The USBPorts injector may not have been generated under the correct running conditions. Get rid of it (rebuild your cache if you installed it in /L/E or /S/L/E) and replace it byRehabman's USBInjectAll and reboot. Then try and re-generate USBPorts again.


Your Clover setup and/or kexts arrangement could be incorrect too. You know the drill by now...

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I cannot figure out how to get hackintool to work properly.


Is there a simple tutorial about this?


Cannot determine what patches to check off in the Bootloader menu.


Will the E6530 have 15 usb ports as it only has 4 on the outside and an unknown amount internally.

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Here's the easier way I could think of without all those boot arg the Hackintool.app suggested

Install USBInjectall.kext, add the port limit patches to Config file under kextToPatch. Reboot

Now run the Hackintool.app, test all the USB ports with USB2/USB3 devices. If you have a dock and plan to use it, make sure it's docked prior.

Remove any ports not being use. Export the kexts or SSDT*.aml files from the app.

Now you have 2 options:

Add the USBPort.kext to /E/C/k/Other

Remove USBInjectAll.kext and the port limit patches from Config


Keep USBInjectAll.kext, remove the port limit patches 

Add the exported SSDT*.aml to /E/C/A/Patched


Here are the port limit patches to add


Find: 83FB0F0F
Replace: 83FB3F0F

Find: 83F90F0F
Replace: 83F93F0F


If the patches doesn't work on Beta5, best to use follow the steps while running 10.14.6

Port limit patches for 10.14.6 is here

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With the port limit patches, all USB ports should be enabled. If your Webcam does not show automatically as an internal device when you launch the Hackintool, then there's something wrong. Check if it's enabled in the BIOS or perhaps the port limit patches are not complete or not working properly.




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