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Lenovo G40-80 (i3-5005U + Intel HD Graphics 5500): help with macOS High Sierra


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As far as I have studied different forums, I got to know the i3 systems are hard to configure as hackintosh. Previously, I have configured an i5 3rd generation HP 8470p with HD 4000 without any problems but this i3 5th generation is getting hard to configure. Am I right in in figuring out that i3 systems are not much successful when it come to hackintosh?

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1 To check if your computer's built-in display uses an embedded DisplayPort (eDP) or LVDS connector type:
From the Windows* desktop press Ctrl+Alt+F12 (this works if you have the Hotkey sequence enabled in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Center) key combination.. Select Options and Support, Select Information Center, Change the System Information drop down to Built-in Display. Check the Connector Type field.

2 Built-in display uses connector types: eDP off the chipset or LVDS.

3 Built-in display uses eDP off a mobile processor.

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