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OSX Mojave on Dell Precision 5510


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There's probably quite a lot to do here... What "instructions" did you follow?



The add-on kexts you inject are very outdated. You need to update them to the latest versions. You should not need any of those FakePCIID kexts either, just use latest Lilu + WEG kexts.


Clover config, lots to do here... Use Clover Configurator app to modify your config:

1/ ACPI section:

  • Your Skylake laptop does not appear to have any USB2.0 controllers, as such, your renaming of EHCx devices to EH0x is irrelevant and unecessary.
  • Do you really need all those tables in your patched folder (especially SSDT.aml which is not present in the folder!) ? Are all of these patched??? I somehow doubt it.
  • I would have removed "Drop OEM" and added "PluginType" + "FixHeaders"

2/ Boot section:

  • Get rid of -xcpm + kext-dev-mode=1 boot options. These are defunct and useless now.

3/ Devices section:

  • You're not injecting any properties for your iGPU in order to adjust DVMT settings. I don't believe you'll be able to boot your system until you do that. You can grab that from any existing Skylake system guide

4/ Graphics section:

  • No need to "Inject Intel" + inject ig-platform-id 0x191b0000 once you use latest Lilu + WEG kexts. Furthermore, these were already injected in your patched DSDT... You can look it up under DSDT device IGPU.

5/ Kernel & Kexts Patches section:

Wow! Where do I start? ...

  • Get rid of all those AppleHDA patches. Remove them. Your audio should be handled by AppleALC these days, it's a Lilu Plugin.
  • Get rid of the IOGraphicsFamily patch. Obsolete and irrelevant now. WEG will take car of that.
  • Get rid of the IOAHCIBlockStorage trim patch. It's likely to cause issues with your Samsung 970 NVME SSD.
  • You should not require the AppleBacklight patch either.
  • Do you have a BCM4352 wireless card? If you don't get rid of those AirPortBrcm4360 patches that will be irrelevant to you.
  • You should not require the AppleAHCIPort patch.
  • I'm doubtful you'll ever need the AppleUSBXHCIPCI patch. If you need, make sure you use the patch relevant to Mojave.

6/ SMBIOS section:

  • Select a different SMBIOS profile, then relect MacBookPro13,1 in order to generate all the necessary values that are missing

7/ System Parameters

  • Generate a new "Custom UUID" number

8/ RT Variables section:

  • Generate a new ROM number (from SMBIOS)
  • Copy MLB value displayed in "Info" black box and paste it to the MLB field


And, of course, make sure you use a Clover version not older than r4911.

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Here's my most recent update:

BIOS 1.11.2

Running 10.14.6 / Should work on Catalina too


What works:

Full HD530 Graphics Acceleration

Internal speaker / Headphone / Autoswitch (Updated AppleALC.kext with ALC298 patch made by Joe82 - layout-id = 15)

Keyboard / Touchpad with VoodooPS2Controoler + VoodooI2C + VoodooI2CHID ( gestures working, scrolling, swipe left and right...etc)

Wireless /Bluetooth - replaced Intel with DW1560 

Brightness Slider with Fn+F11 / Fn+F12


3 Displays (Internal + HDMI + USB-C to HDMI or DP adapters)

Internal USB ports


USB-C hotplugging

USB-C to HDMI / DP Display

USB-C Dell Dock (WD15) / USB ports from Dock / Only one video output from Dock at a time though (either HDMI or DP)

Sleep / Wake (no power blinking light but works)


Not working:

SD Card reader




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