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Hp840G3 Broadcom BCM94350ZAE on Catalina


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Hello all,

Sorry my English,

I have HP elitebook 840 G3  with i7-6500, 24 gb 2133 mhz ram 500 gb 850 evo M.2 ssd drive, dw1820a wifi-bt, latest BIOS.

I installed Catalina without problem (first disabled wifi in bios). I used @Hervé trick for enable the wifi. I didnt install any extra kexts and i m booting with usb flash.

Wifi seems works, but after 5-10 minutes later system is freezing. If i disable wifi, system looks working normally. Am i making a mistake somewhere? (root/Pci path?)

My brother have Latitude 7490 and it has same problem (unsolwed). By the way 2 of wifi card have same MAC in laptop and label (i think they are not fake)

PS: I wanted to use debug file but always failed ( /usr/bin/gen_debug write protected and sip disabled). so i attached my ioreg and clover config.plist.

Thank you very much for your help.


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Well you are obviously using AirportBrcmFixup kext but, that aside, you've done everything correctly.


Bad luck, card is not compatible with your HP laptop, change it for a DW1560 (preferably) or DW1830 (if it can fit in and you have 3 x antennas).


NB: if you want to unlock your Catalina system partition to generate debug files, refer to our FAQ section.


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