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Latitude E7470: No touchpad (Alps V8) after Sleep


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I am now install Macosx Catalina  10.15 on my new Dell E7470 i7 Trackpad ALPS V8 Wifi card DW1560 .Everything working sidecar ,HDMI, USBport, Wake ,Sleep, iCloud ,HIDPI ,Continuity , Universal Clipboard no any issue. The Voodoo kext I use only from Rehabman version 1.9.0 work on Brightness control one finger and two finger right click and super fast Scrolling.The reason is DrHurt kext v6  is working like a charm on three finger Zooming  Scrolling but its response move just sometimes on right click after Sleep no other of trackpad anymore.Thus, I request to the threat for help I don't know how to coding. thanks in advance for helping me .

I am upload of my EFI folder , ioreg file that confirm my port working with support charge too . Please help I like the three finger gesture to work the kext I have attach . In My IOREG no appleBuspowercontroller.kext is loading because the usb source has change by apple itself but it is used to load on Mojave boot pack.

VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip EFI.zip Chuon’s MacBook Pro.zip

Terminal output.zip

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Re: Dr Hurt's driver:

On 8/20/2015 at 5:03 PM, Dr. Hurt said:

Last update: 28 November 2017


Driver Features:

- Supports ALPS hardware versions V1-V5

- Supports Mac OS 10.6 to 10.12

- 1-finger tapping.

- Side (edge) scrolling (Vertical with inertia, and Horizontal).

- 2-finger tap for right click.

- 2-finger scrolling (vertical and horizontal with inertia).

- 3 and 4-finger gestures (V3+, check the log to find out your hw version).

- Pointer acceleration and smoothing.

- Trackstick (movement and scrolling).





Edit (Hervé, Nov 2017):

- For Alps V7 & V8, the following Release 6 versions can be tested (unfinished dev). Previous versions V3-V5 still fully supported.

- Beta versions post R6B6 are understood to cause issues on wake. This is not experienced with latest R6 compiled by Bronxteck.

- Those versions have tracksticks disabled.

- R6 versions supports the vanilla TrackPad PrefPane (no empty gray screen) on Sierra and above, i.e. no need to replace it with older 10.11.6's version (237MB).


At time of writing (Nov 2017), I don't believe we had had any feedback on the E7x70 Series; it may well be that the known issue after wake persists with R6 version compiled by Bronxteck.


Consider this instead: 


This being said, the dev has not worked on this project for 2 years now, he did not have the necessary hardware to pursue his work; as such, consider the project abandoned/on-hold until someone wishes to take over.

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Just tested Slice's version of Alps kext on E7470

It doesn't seem to support v7 or v8

The touchpad does not respond

The track stick does not respond

He probably just added support to work on his E6430 with v3


I had also tested acidanthera's version for Synaptics, works quite well but still with basic support to guestures since it's no coded for Alps.

It has pretty much the same feature as the ApplePS2Controller I've been using for this model and it's more smoother.

So I'm sticking with ApplePS2Controller for now until something better is developed. 

Benefits of Acidanthera's version is that Fn+F11 and F+12 for brightness would work but not with ApplePS2Controller.


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