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E6430: audio control and video brightness control + apple store login error


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Hi everyone and thanks in advance!

I'm new from Hackintosh world and this is my third project on this DELL E6430 - i5 3230m - HD 4000 - NVS 5200M - SSD 256 Crucial.

Installed Mojave and Catalina with good results but I would like to try Sierra because think I can get best performance with old OS.

Sierra run ok on my Dell but I have still some little problem...

Audio control on right of keyboard don't work and brightness control keyboard don't work......

When I try to download something from Apple Store he tell me can't know my Mac....

Thanks in advance to everybody can help this poor poor 46 years old man :-)


UPDATE 03/03/2020

Brightness control solved thanks to Jake lo that send me a new DSDT.aml ;-)


No I need to fix Apple Store error when I try to download some app I have verification failure messages .


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Thanks Jake Lo.

Brightness ok with fn f3 fn insert.... I would like to use fn + up down key but it's not important thing....in Mojave and Catalina it's ok with this key but in Sierra I don't know why don't work.

I try to enable fix Darwin for audio control on keyboard but don't work.

I would like to use control like in photo attached....


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