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[Solved] Dell Precision 5510 error could not allocate runtime area

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I have been trying to install catalina on my dell precision 5510 the whole day but i'm always stuck during boot with error "could not allocate runtime area"
I followed vailla guides as well as guides specific to precision m5510 and xps 9550.

I tried all varients of aptiofix. tried to find my own slide value by getting hex values of my memmap though i might not have been able to get correct value.
I also tried open core alternative to aptiofix with no luck either.
i read other topics and can confirm i have two ram slots occupied.
bios settings are also set accordingly
Any help would be appreciated


Current System

Dell Precision 5510

Core i7 6820

2x8gb ddr4

512GB nvme SSD Liteon


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Follow my vanilla Clover guide for Catalina here, including BIOS settings

Use bootpack from here, goes into /EFI/Clover after you installed Clover 

Update Lilu.kext + Whatevergreen.kext, VirtualSMC.kext, SMCBatteryManager.kext, AirportBrcmFixup.kext, USBInjectAll.kext

Remove AppleBacklightFixup.kext


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23 minutes ago, Jake Lo said:

Your LiteOn NMVe drive might be causing issue. Try this Config, added a patch for the bit swap block size

config.plist.zip 4.95 kB · 1 download

No luck. stuck on same place


44 minutes ago, Bronxteck said:

right now it looks like it is stalling out on audio. disable whatever you are using to load the audio and see if you get further.

Confused. do u mean i disable audio from bios?

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ok. with this i was able to land on installation screen
now there are two  issues

  1. catalina cant be installed without internet connection. is it normal?
  2. when erasing the drive where i need to install, it fails saying 

    MediaKit reports not enough space on device for requested operation.

    i have single 512 gb nvme drive which i want to dual boot with windows 10. i dont want to format the drive. is there any other solution?

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