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EDP 1.5 - Release Candidate 6 released


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Hi everyone,


We are now ready with RC6, here is the changelog.


Since we still havent had time to get the beta team up and running the download is open to all - so, help us out and give it a good test.


Credits for this releases goes only to the many skilled people out there who have contributed to the edp package in the form of kexts - but also to the countless of people who have spent hours on testing.


Here is the changelog for this release:


09.01.2011 Leon Removed the nvidia injection in com.apple.boot.plist for d8x0-nvidia to resolve issue with being seen as a nvs110m

12.01.2011 Leon Updated sleepenabler.kext with new version from kexts.com, we will keep the pmVersion=21 to ensure future compat.

21.01.2011 Leon Added support for D530

21.01.2011 Leon Moved "IONetworkingFamily.kext" to "standard", removed Lanpackage from kextpacks, a specific kext for lan is now depending on model

21.01.2011 Leon Moved "IOAudioFamily.kext" and "OSvKernDSPLib.kext" to "standard", removed audiopack from kextpacks, a specific kept for audio is now depending on model

21.01.2011 Leon Renamed "voodoops2controller" in kextpack to "vps2c-debug" to allow room for other versions of voodoops2controllers

21.01.2011 Leon Removed Certified models and known bugs.txt, this is now on the Wiki

21.01.2011 Leon Updated fixme.sh for fixing issue where terminal becomes extremely slow

21.01.2011 Leon Did 1th. level integration of Anders's idea with path control in rebuild.sh

22.01.2011 Leon Updated fixme.sh for installing Protector Suite (fixes biometric reader)

22.01.2011 Leon Updated fixme.sh for installing soundflower (fixes audio delay)

22.01.2011 Leon Introduced "installer.sh" which is a tools installation menu

22.01.2011 Leon Added "Midnight Command", "htop" and "lynx" to installer script

22.01.2011 Leon Implemented dynamic path control to EDP instead of static

25.01.2011 Mariusz Updated D630 X3100 with latest dsdt.aml

26.01.2011 Leon Updated D530 with latest dsdt.aml from Mariusz

26.01.2011 Mariusz fixed and cleaned rebuild.sh

27.01.2011 Mariusz Updated FakeSMC to latest version

27.01.2011 Leon Added support for checking WORKPATH before chown'ing /

27.01.2011 Leon Added a Credits note on build screen

28.01.2011 Leon Updated dsdt.aml for D4x0 models, thank you to slice and mariusz for your great work!


If you want to see the full changelog for 1.5, please look in "Activity log.txt"





1. Download the zip and copy it to /

2. Rename your old /Extra folder to /Extra.backup

3. Unpack the zip by double clicking on it

4. Do a new build - (HELP: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/900e4/How_to_do_a_new_build.html )




Choose to do a new build for your model.. also, it can be worth to rerun edptool.command since we now have included new functions and new toys ;)



Enjoy.. let the testing begin!!




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First off I'd like to say thanks for all the hard work you guys put in on these packs.


I just tried installing RC6, but I got a kernel panic on the first boot, I had to boot off of an installation disc and restore my previous RC5 backup. When installing I didn't see an option to choose what kind of installation I wanted, so I just hit the return key and continued on my way. You san see my signature for my system info.



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I've just upgraded to the new extra folder using the guide from the above post and everything is working normaly. I would however say that whilst running the edptool the first stage where you select which model you have the laptop crashed and would not re-boot. Luckily I still had the old leppy cd which I booted from and ran the edptool again. Now everything is groovy.

Thanks again for all the hard work guys.

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