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Latitude 5491: UHD Graphics 630 was only showed 7M under Mojave 10.14.6


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Hello, below is detail hardware configure for my laptop 5491:

  • Bios: 1.11.1
  • CPU: i5-8300H @2.3G
  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 2666MHz
  • Mainboard: DELL 0NFNN4 (CM246 Chipsets)
  • SSD: TOSHIBA 256G NVMe (primary)
  • HDD: SATA ST1000LM049  1T (second)
  • Sound: Realtek ALC256 
  • LAN: Intel I219LM7
  • Wireless/Bluetooth: Qualcomm QCA61X4A 802.11AC Wireless Adapter


I had been completely install Mojave 10.14.6 on my laptop DELL 5491. Then I find out these problems:

  1. UHD Graphics 630 was only showed 7M
  2. Sound card (Realtek ALC256) cannot work, I try inject ID 5/11/13 /21/22/28/56 But it cannot still work
  3. Touchpad cannot work
  4. Qualcomm QCA61X4A 802.11ac Wireless card cannot work


Please help me and give some suggestions to solve it.

Attachment is my config.plist










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it's a Latitude 5491, not an E5491 which does not exist...


Qualcomm card not supported -> to be replaced by a supported model.


For the rest, your Clover setup (config & kexts set) is very messy.

  • ACPI renaming contains stuff for Z390 desktop motherboard.
  • Your Clover Kernel & Kexts patches section contains all sorts of irrelevant and inappropriate patches (eg: BDW + SKL + KBL patches). Remove those
  • You selected MacBookAir8,1 SMBIOS, i.e. that of an Amber Lake platform with UHD617 graphics Amber lake model when you have Coffee Lake CPU with UHD630 graphics. Use MBP15,2 instead.
  • Graphics: you inject layout id 12345678, i.e. a fake layout used for troubleshooting graphics in VESA mode. You cannot get any graphics acceleration with this. Replace this fake layout value by one of a UHD630 layout or don't inject anything in Graphics section and, instead, inject any required properties such as layout id (eg: 0x3E9B0000) and iGPU id (but native id should be Ok) in Devices section for device PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0). Then rely in Lilu + WEG kexts.
  • Get rid of all those XHCI and SATA kexts, they're not required
  • TouchPad will undoubtedly be I2C so you'll need to add the VoodooPS2 I2C kexts and probably the I2C SSDT tables too.

Refer to existing Coffee Lake/Latitude 5490/Latitude 5400/Latitude 7490/Latitude 7400 threads for guidance and do a search on UHD630.




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Hello , 


I was complete installed MacOs Catalina on my laptop by use Olarila.catalina.101.15.4 image (https://www.olarila.com/) on this week .

Then add some patches via use HackIntool_v3.4.0 to add Coffee Lake Framebuffer patches.

Now UHD 630 can work .


But there are still exist two problem on my laptop .

1, Trackpad can't work .  i don't know that if it is a common problem .

2, can't adjust screen brightness.


Please help me and give some suggestions .

Thank you

Attachment is my config.plist and kexts photo.








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Hello ,


According to install guide, I have been download install_tools.zip file into Downloads folder

,then type the following code :-

chmod a+x /users/tonykai//Downloads/install_tools.sh

sudo /users/tonykai/downloads/install_tools.sh


but system notice me : line 54 : gen_debug: command not found 


Pls help me 

Thank you 




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