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Catalina installer reboots on E6230


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I'd like to install Catalina on a E6230 with BIOS A20 using recommended settings, using the Catalina instructions here:


The target disk is an empty SSD. The installer boots but after about 1m it automatically reboots :(


I've tried using the recommended and latest Clover. How to fix this / get info about what's going on (I see a lot of -v messages flash by but it's too fast to figure out what's happening just before the reboot).




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If you're installing 10.15.4, that's normal because my pack contained an XCPM-enabled Clover config. 10.15.4 breaks this as stated in our article about the update.


You need to revert to good old SSDT-based power management method using the attached config + your CPU-specific SSDT generated using Pike R Alpha's well-known script:





The guide has just been amended to that effect.


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