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E5470 with i5 6440HQ + HD 530 + Full HD screen: seeking EFI for Catalina

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You can get the latest SDCard reader kext from here (version 2.2 is stable). Weird although you mentioned never able to locate the kext, yet in the IOReg file you posted, it shows it's already install

you just need to eject and re insert it again to work. Yes, it's not perfect but at least it's semi supported now.  With USBPorts.kext + EC.aml if available will replace USBInjectall.kext + disab

Seems right enough. USB port limit patches basically means that: it removes the limit of 15 x USB ports and extends it to something like 24 if I'm not mistaken. Check the comments further to the right

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try them and see if it works better or break anything. Since MBP13,2 and 13,3 models with touchID, you'll need to add NotouchID.kext to prevent slow login issue.

No they are not, you can remove them if you like.

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Hi @Jake Lo, it's been a bit since I've been at osxlatitude.  I now have the same Latitude as on this post (E5470 i5-6440 HD530) but I'm stuck way back at the beginning.  I've followed the generic guide through creating the install media.  I tried using the latest version of Clover but didn't see the same driver options so I went back to 5103 and found settings that matched the guide.  After clover installs on the USB installer drive, I replace the ACPI and kexts folder and config.plist file with the contents from the Catalina boot pack from this post.  On the E5470 I've updated the BIOS to 1.22.3 which is the latest.  I've reset the BIOS and then switched back to AHCI.  (Secure Boot is already off and TPM is not "on".)  When I boot from the USB installer, and select the installer to boot from, I only get that first page of stuff ending with a row of plus signs.  See below.  I don't know where to go from here.  How is it I'm stuck at such an early point but this works well for others?  What should I be looking for? 


@duypham312, can you post the boot pack you are using for your E5470?  And what version of Clover are you using and what changes did you make in the BIOS? 


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Argh!  I started with Clover 5119 but since it didn't have the same drivers detailed in the generic post and since I was getting stuck using that one, I figured I was better off going back to a version that had those same drivers.  Figures I choose a version with issues.  After applying your fix, it zipped right through to Language selection.  Awesome.  I'll check back in after I get further along with the install and let you know how it went. 

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Thanks again @Jake Lo.  I've got my E5470 nearly fully functional.  The only real issue it has is lack of WiFi - I've ordered an M2 WiFi card that should arrive tomorrow.  It'd be nice if it booted faster - it is still a bit slow even after taking out the debug, keepsym, and "-v" from the boot - maybe there is stuff that is still not really smooth on startup that could be fixed to make it start faster. 


So I can update this procedure on my own in the future and so others can learn too, I want to better understand what has happened.  Effectively the procedure that worked for me is to install Clover, then delete everything inside the EFI folder and replace the main Clover stuff with the attachment in your post above.  Then use the bootpack from this post for the ACPI, kexts, and config.plist.  And then replace the Lilu and WhateverGreen with their latest versions.  I guess the main question is about the main Clover content - if the current installer doesn't provide the stuff that is needed, what is the best version of Clover to install?  Or are we now going to need to include all of the Clover content in bootpacks if the drivers detailed in the general install guide are no longer available to install? 


I documented the whole process of the install in detail so I can set this up as a guide somewhere at osxlatitude.  I was planning to post it on my blog too (all with proper credits and links, of course!!). 


BTW, my install on the E5470 is actually dual booting Windows 10 and MacOS and working well for both so far. 


One other question - I'm thinking about getting an E5570 too.  How similar would the hacintosh process for the E5570 be to the process for this E5470?  I'm guessing identical?  Because the only difference is maybe an i7 instead of an i5 and because of a bigger display and bigger keyboard? 

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