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Graphics Accelaration on GMA950 Models Works!


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1. Get a copy of Mountain Lion, I got mine from Apple. If you are not an Apple Developer, there are many other places to get it!


2. Mount the Mountain Lion DMG installer, right click on OS X Mountain Lion Preview 1.app and click "show all content" Navigate to Shared Support and drag "InstallESD.dmg" to your desktop.


3. Bring up Terminal, (spotlight search Terminal) type in:

cd desktop

hdiutil convert InstallESD.dmg -format UDRW -o InstallESDhacked.dmg


After the process is complete, you will see a "InstallESDhacked.dmg on your desktop.

This will allow us to modify the new installer (read/write)


4. Mount "InstallESDhacked.dmg" (skip the "verify installer" when mounting)


5. Now, you need a few files from Lion installer, OSInstall.mpkg, EFI32.pkg and Systemfolder.


6. Drag EFI32.pkg and OSInstall.mpkg into the Packages Directory. (delete the old one, replace it with the patched version)


7. Now, drag the System File thats on the drive into the Trash and copy the downloaded System folder onto the root of the drive. Now what you may want to do is rename is to InstallESD.dmg and copy it to a flash drive and install Chameleon and all that good stuff.


8. If you did everything right, after installation you should be able to reach the desktop, but have no accelerated graphics whatsoever, only framebuffer.


9. 2 ways to perform this step:

A: Manually copy and install the right kext.

B: Use kexthelper (skip step 12)


For GMA 950 Users, copy these kexts from Lion to install on Mountain Lion: AppleIntelGMA950.kext, AppleIntelGMA950VADriver.bundle, AppleIntelGMA950VLDriver.bundle, IntegratedFramebuffer.kext


For GMA X3100 Users, copy these kexts from Lion to install on Mountain Lion: AppleIntelGMAX3100.kext, AppleIntelGMAX3100VADriver.bundle, AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext, AppleIntelGMAX3100VLDriver.bundle, IntegratedFramebuffer.kext


10. Install the GMA 950 kext using KextHelper and reboot.


11. After it reboots, you should be able to see a pop up message saying that the kext isnt compatible. If yes, reboot.


12. Boot into Single User Mode (i assume you know how) and type the following:

chmod -R 755/Volumes/~MLPartitionName/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext

chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/~MLPartitionName/System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext


Then remove cache and rebuilt:

rm -rf /Volumes/~MLPartitionName/System/Library/Extensions.mkext

kextcache -k /Volumes/~MLPartitionName/System/Library/Extensions


13. Reboot


14: It should work. It has for me, so I don't see why it wouldn't. Keep in mind, this is only for GMA 950 and probably X3100.

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Dear jawn,


May I know which DP version of ML did you tried this method with?



Apart from that, which version of SL or L those GMA kexts was from that you tried?




I used DP1 of ML, I haven't tested DP2 yet.


It can be any GMA kext from Lion but for Snow Leopard you would probably need to try 10.6.7 or 10.6.8, but I haven't tested SL kexts.

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The problem with getting this to work on Dp2 and higher is that DP2 is pure x64 bit, and the kexts does not work in 64bit mode - further more, apple have changed openGL version and neither the GMA945/50 or x3100 have the hardware support for that.

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The GMA950 kext does not exist in the GM..



s-Mac-Pro:Extensions$ ls AppleIntel




















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