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Latitude 3400: wireless & iMessages/FaceTime


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I just added AirportItlwm.kext  and literally everything works, including TrackPad, encrypted WiFi over Intel-πcard, BlueTooth, CardReader, build in camera & multiple screens !  And I have a i7 now  ( :-) reported ) 


Perfect system, no more ToDo's.......  well... I guess I must give iMessages & FaceTime a try  ( Tried it before on some other systems, but never seen either of them working on ANY hackintosh, although many people report them working  ) 




Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 23.06.09.png


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Hello jorge,


you said you own a real apple mac. I have a question: 


To test iMessage & FaceTime:   can you create a icloud-account for me  on a real Apple device.  I haven't one myself.  I have a feeling Apple doesn't like accounts made on a Hackintosh. Somehow they see & block..


  [email protected]  or something?   



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Hello @jorge1964


I'm using the native internal Dell Latitude 3400 wifi card.

to my surprise is fully working: 





Ah... good to hear.   I will double my efforts to get it working this time...  


I really don't understand why iMessages NEVER works with my Hackintoshes.  I created a new iCloud account, tried to login in iMessage (or FaceTime).  A 6 digit code is asked, which indeed  is send to my phone.  When I enter the code, it is accepted but after 4 or 5 second I get the login screen again.... :-(   Same as always.... :-( 


I guess a need a proper clean  Apple ID (iCloud-account) , created  & tested on a real Apple device.  Which I  haven't one.... :-(

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