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Latitude 3580: Unable to install Big Sur

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Created Open Core EFI as per instructions (I thought) but when I try to boot on my Dell 3580 laptop, I get warning that says "can not install Mac OSX on this platform".

Can someone look at my config.plist and see if you can help guide me?

Thank you




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BIOS is set as per instructions. Must be something in config.plist because at one point it booted to certain point, and I changed something in config.plis. Maybe Big Sur just can't be installed on Latitude 3580 with i5


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As I said, your SMBIOS is incorrect and your config file may be corrupt (I'm unable to open it with ProperTree app).


Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 00.20.09.png


Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 00.20.03.png

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I'm not seeing anything obvious other than what Hervé mentioned about incomplete SMBIOS. You need to input serial #, ROM #, UUID...etc

The other difference is your has MBP14,2, I set mine to MBP14,1

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