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iMessage over HP EliteBook 840 G3 - BigSur 11.1 - OpenCore 0.6.5


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Thanks to Jake Lo post for OpenCore for HP EliteBook 840 G3, I managed to get macOS Big Sur 11.1 plus working Continuity / AirDrop over AirportItlwm and IntelBluetooth kexts for Intel WiFi chips.


The question is did anyone manage to run iMessage for this model specifically? Since I doubt something wrong with SN or something I miss, here are listing steps below followed by useless 3 clean installations with different SN, UUID, MLB and fixed ROM (my eth0 MAC address) 


This is what I exactly did in order to let iMessage work with no luck:


1. Used Hackintool to verify everything is proper

2. Ensured Ethernet is set as en0 BSD

3. Ensured using Ethernet MAC as ROM

4. Signed out Apple ID and rebooted

5. Reset NVARM upon boot and rebooted

6. Reset Keychain

7. Removed related iMessage / FaceTime caches in Library/Caches

8. Removed related iMessage / FaceTime preferences in Library/Preferences 

9. Changed SN / UUID using GenSMBIOS

10. Added new SN / UUID using ProperTree, saved and rebooted

11. Reset NVRAM upon boot and rebooted

12. Attempted to use iMessage / FaceTime , same output, after 5 seconds of login, it signs out

13. Retried steps again with new SN / UUID, still same


Wondering what do I miss here!


@Jake Lo appreciate if you can help maybe something is missing, I used typical OC package and config.plist you provided changing SN, UUID, Board SN, and ROM as real ethernet mac. And just added the necessary intel wifi+bt kexts I mentioned above.

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