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Dell Precision M6700 High Sierra


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Good day! I have Dell Precision M6700:
Core i7-3840QM (Ivy Bridge)

32Gb DDR3-1600

Intel HD4000 Graphics+Nvidia Quadro K3000M

Audio IDT 92HD93BXX @ Intel Panther Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C1]

I managed to install High Sierra(took EFI from internet) and Windows 10 in dual boot mode. Restarting from MacOs to Windows 10 and visa versa without issues.
Now, I have some problems:

1) no audio output in MacOs. If I understanding right I must inject it in config.plist and add kext. I have IDT high definition audio. IDT 92HD93BXX @ Intel Panther Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller

2) Sleeping issue. After sleep MacOs is freezing. I have to reboot. If I right, need some ssdt

3) Is there any reason to update Clover version? Current version 4368

Can someone help with some guides? Would be nice to get know how add and remove kext into system.




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For audio, just use AppleALC which is a plugin of Lilu. Look up the various layouts to try out on the AppleALC wiki and experiment. Google for AppleALC kext and you'll find all you need.


You would only need to update Clover if you wanted, say, a bug fix or to run a more recent macOS version that requires a minimum version of Clover. Here too, you can look it up on the Web at places like Did's Github repo for instance.

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Thank you it working.

For solving sleep issue(if I right) I have to:

1) Set up correct smbios. I changed iMac14,1 to MacBookPro10.1 Hardware much closer/similar to what I have now. Strange think that it not showing correctly about my Mac. Need some addition tweaking?

2) I must generate SSDT for my specific CPU. I used Piker Alpha's ssdtPRGen script to generate a SSDT. Generation was succesfull, then I just copy-pasted it into EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched with replace of old one. Now I can't boot system, force shutdown happens near 75% of boot sequence. For now i booted from USB and replaced new SSDT with old one. Maybe there is something more than just copy-paste of ssdt file?



Upd1. With help from Google in ACPI:

1) DropByOEM Check

2) Generate C&P States Uncheck

With this settings laptop was able to boot with generated SSDT. Laptop goes to sleep (flashing power boot), but no wake up. Screen is freezing in login. Sadly. How I can enable some log writing to find what is interrupting waking up.











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Good day. I contacted with forum member Lego and he gaved me a working EFI file. Laptop powers up goes to sleep and waking up perfectly. I will try with his help to continue editing EFI. When we will reach "wall" i will post a message here. Please don't close thread untill then. 

When all will be done i will publish final EFI for others.

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