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M6800: internal screen with nVidia dGPU?

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Hi, to all people out there,


Ok lets start. I am a proud owner of M6800. I bought it currently due to quite good workstation characteristic and also due to very good hackintosh support.


I found Opencore's EFI folder (Big Sur) on the internet for M4800 and I was impressed how well things worked out. All major functions are there sound, egpu, wifi, bluetooth,…


But, there is one thing, lack of support for nvidia quadro on internal screen. I searched on the internet for potential solution but It looks till now nobody manage to do it.


Is there any hope to get this working or we must accept this as an unresolvable fact?


Many thanks

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I was thinking maybe HDMI dummy can solve the problem? When I connect my laptop to TV, Nvidia is instantly recognised as main gpu but on my laptop's screen hd4600 is still the only one. Hdmi and some software trick maybe?

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With MXM gpus, you can get the dGpu to work as CUDA or METAL accelerator with the iGpu enabled - if you need the GPU for internal display 3d render though, you have to get it working on the actual display itself
i have k2100m in my m4800 working fine with some older folder and High Sierra, i'm now working on switch to OpenCore also because i have broken audio on the machine and i might aswell start new.

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I don't need igpu, I would prefer a k4000m also as my main gpu for internal screen but I always get black screen no matter what (optimus disabled). Cuda is not possible any more but at least metal is there. How you manage to get a working dgpu-k2100m on m4800 internal screen? What you had to do?

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Probably not; there's a fair chance that built-in LCD is wired to/driven by the iGPU so, if you disable it... My understanding is that:

  • Optimus disabled -> nVidia dGPU only
  • Optimus enabled -> Intel iGPU + nVidia dGPU active

Afaik, you'll only be able to get your built-in LCD active with the iGPU. So, yes, in my opinion, you have to accept it's an unresolvable fact.

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I still don't know if this is due to hardware limitations or it is macos related. I know there are 2 types of screens, lvds or edp but I don't know what exactly is different and which one is supprted by macos. So it is hardwe related after all. It looks I answered to my qustion myself. Lol

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