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Dell Precision 5510 Opencore Problem

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Hi Jake Lo, thanks so much for the bootpack. Everything is working perfectly besides two issues. 


1. The USB ports aren't working on my machine (Precision 5510 core i5 version, intel hd 530)

2. Bluetooth isn't working and can't turn it on. Its missing in settings. I have the fully out the box compatible card bcm94360ng card


Thanks in advance for the assistance. 

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Bluetooth is USB-based and so should work once you sort out your USB ports problems.

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Hey I wanted to let a few days go by so i could have an accurate diagnosis. 


There seems to be a few issues i have listed below

1. After sleep, the screen goes black but keyboard lights up. I think it has also restarted after sleep a few times. This is the biggest issue. 

2. Trackpad doesn't work after every few restarts. Its fixed with a reboot but keeps happening

3. The usb c/ thunderbolt port doesn't work after the computer falls asleep 

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With the OOB bcm94360ng, make sure you disable / remove all patches and kexts related..ie BRCM* and Airport*

If touchpad stops working, try disabling SMCDellSensors.kext

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