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Latitude E5550: EFI for BigSur?


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I have dualboot Catalina and Win10 on my E5550 with Clover bootloader.

Now I want to upgrade my Catalina with BigSur, and I want to create EFI boot usb with OC Gen-X.

My E555O is with:

  • i5-5300U @2.3 GHz CPU
  • intel HD 5500 graphics
  • 12GB DDR3 (1600 Mhz) RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • DW1560 wireless


So I will be grateful if someone tells me what to choose from OC Gen-X to create EFI and if I install it will it remain dualboot with windows?

Or can someone send me EFI folder..























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Your E5550 is a Broadwell laptop. Given that the tool you've opted for does not seem to support Broadwell mobile platforms (it appears it skips those and only supports High-End Desktop (HEDT) 140W 6/8/10-core Broadwell-E platforms which the E5550 sure ain't based on). I would therefore recommend that you leave that tool aside for the time being and follow the Dortania OpenCore documentation to build your setup. You may use OpenCore Configurator app (aka OCC) to create your OC config.


I also invite you to read the existing guides for E5x50 models published in our Guides section and the existing threads about installing and running Big Sur on to the E5x50 laptops in this very section.


My final recommendation would be that, if you're totally new to OC, you stick to Clover for the time being (update to r5133 or later) and experiment with OC on an external drive. This so that you don't totally lose dual boot or find yourself stuck with the potential side effects of OC in Win10.

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I find post from Sergeant where is he installed BigSur on his E5550 so I take his EFI folder and it is good and everything is working.

So i update kext and OpenCore but I have just one problem.

When it boot you can see on picture that OpenCore is installed with last versions, but when I open OpenCore Configurator it says that I have old version of OpenCore.

So how can I fix it.



Post from Sergeant







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OCC app gets aligned with versions of OpenCore. So, you must have a mismatch between the version of OCC you used and the OpenCore version you've installed. In most case, these warnings can be ignored but OpenCore can be subject to updates that completely modify the way parameters are defined. In rare cases, you could find yourself in a situation where a config file updated through OCC would no longer allow you to boot OpenCore due to changes in the config that aren't supported by an older version of OpenCore. For instance a config updated by OCC for OC 0.7.0 when installed OpenCore version is, say, 0.6.3 or 0.6.5. If you don't update OpenCore, don't update OCC either. Keep them aligned.


Right now, you should probably update OpenCore to 0.7.0/0.7.1 and OCC to the latest available version, v2.44.0 at time of writing. Then stop there.

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I rebooted the NVRAM and now everything is fine as far as Big Sur, I don't get any errors and all kext upgraded and open core is upgraded to 0.7.0 version...
thx @Bronxteck

And thx Hervé for your answer
I will now stay on that version 0.7.0 and will not upgrade it anymore.

The only problem I have now is dualboot with windows, when I turn on the laptop when I choose to want windows, my computer simply restarts (see attached video).
I tried enabling SyncRuntimePermissions under Booter / Quirks but it's the same.

I also noticed that every time I turn on the laptop the opencore makes some log in the EFI folder.

Attached is also config.plist and opencore log.

I would be grateful if someone would help me and solve the remaining problems with log and dualboot.. 

config.plist.zip opencore-2021-06-27-070916.txt.zip video.zip

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