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Latitude 5510: unable to install macOS

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If you're using the I2C, then install in this order

  1. VoodooSMBus
  2. VoodooRMI
  3. VooodooRMI plugin/RMII2C
  4. VoodooRMI plugin/VoodooInput


If your touchpad is SMBus, then you don't need the SSDT-TPDX

Install in this order

  1. VoodooSMBUS
  2. VoodooRMI
  3. VoodooRMI plugin/RMISMBus
  4. VodooRMI plugin/VoodooInput
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@Jake Lo

I may be talking nonsense but we agree that I need to keep these kexts enabled:
And then, I install according to your advice?

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You'll always need VoodooPS2Controller for the keyboard but you need to remove all of voodooI2C*

and only have 1 version of VoodooInput, either from vooodooRMI or VoodooPS2Controller

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