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Precision 3620 (Tower): seeking help to install Big Sur


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Select Save all Information and attach the file.

The above images only tells me what graphics cards it has.

I thought this is a Precision laptop, but it's actually a Desktop.

I'll move this to the proper thread for desktop.

With the exported file, we'll be able to get more detail of what other hardware it has...like sound card

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nVidia Quadro K620 is Maxwell and therefore unsupported beyond High Sierra with which it requires the nVidia Web Driver since Maxwell cards are not natively supported. You'll have to replace your graphics card by a supported model if you want to run Big Sur with a discrete graphics card. The only nVidia graphics cards that remain fully and natively supported since macOS Mojave are Kepler ones. See our Supported/unsupported graphics cards thread in our Technical Info, R&D->Graphics section for guidance.


Of course, you may choose to fallback to your Intel HD P530 iGPU instead. That should be fully supported with the usual settings for Intel HD 530 graphics.

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