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E5450 Battery Meter & USB Power


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I declared downgrade to Catalina from Big Sur because I am feeling it is little choppy. I re-built EFI pack with opencore 7.2. I'm quietly happy with it but I have three issue with battery meter and USB power. I cannot use any USB device such as Flash drive, iPhone, etc... after boot macOS. Somehow, during macOS installation, any USB device will works fine. I attached two screenshots. For battery, When I unplug power cable. macOS thinks it is low battery. It will not sleep until Dell laptop force shut down when it hit 0%. More one thing, when I opened lid of laptop but it do not wake up. So, I pressed power button to normally wake up macOS. Closing lid = no problem but not Opening lid.



It started happened after I updated latest BIOS that stop battery exploding. (Dell said Modified battery algorithm to prolong lifespan and minimize risk of swelling.)

I attached EFI pack you may can look. I will add dump SSDT/DSDT with Linux live soon.  It is now attached. Any idea? I haven't use my laptop few months until I started it yesterday.


SSDTTime Results.zip

E5450 EFI OC 7.0.zip

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updated efi pack
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