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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530 - 15.6" - Core i5 2450M - 8GB RAM: Catalina 10.15.7


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Hallo guys, I have successfully installed CATALINA 10.15.7 on Lenovo E530.




CPU: Dual-core Intel® Core i5-2450M processor (2.50 GHz)

Graphics: Intel® HD3000

RAM: 4GB DDR3-1333

Audio: Conexant codec 20671

Wireless: Intel Centrino® Wireless-N 2230 + Bluetooth 4.0

4-in-1 Media Card Reader
USB: 3 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0 ports


I built the USB stick with clover and mojave using the vanilla method (starting from the Mojave installation app and following the commands of the other guides, formatting the sisco as AFT.

At the end of the installation I downloaded MacOS Catalina patcher.dmg (search on gogle or consult the Catalina installation guide).

I followed the download instructions and at the end I installed directly on mojave as an update. the procedure automatically configures the patch for my HD3000 graphics card. must remember not to perform subsequent Catalina upgrades (eg security updates) because they would crash the system.

The operation is good for all peripherals except WIFI including card reader, webcam, audio, bluetooth, also detected the fingerprint detector which does not I tested it. Sleep and shutdown works regularly without problems and HDMI exit run.


To fix the ACPI management that gives errors and slows down the start of the system, the memory of the video card which is at 512mb but could go to 1536MB and the trackpad of which I have not yet been able to get the gestures to work. For the rest I am satisfied. If anyone can help me to complete the project I would be happy. Thanks!



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1st of all, identify all your hardware specs.


Then, you have no graphics acceleration, you missed that essential part... You have to install any Catalina versions past 10.15.3 with dosdude1's patcher. Your laptop will be kind of unusable without graphics acceleration.


Then, after any Catalina update, you have to re-patch the system again; last time I checked, this could be most awkward/difficult with dosdude1's patcher but things may have evolved since. You may check that out at MacRumors where they have a dedicated thread for Catalina on unsupported platforms. Any Sandy Bridge/HD3000 platform falls into that category.

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Hi Herve, (I have previously inserted an incorrect screenshot) i have updated directly to Catalina 10.15.7 via dosdude1's Catalina Patch installer as explained in the Catalina installation guide on Dell 6220 where it says that in addition to installing the system, the patch is also applied to the video card. In fact, while in Mojave in system information an HD3000 card with 4 MB without any Kext installed in catalina was highlighted to me, the card with 512MB probably with only GL acceleration was reported to me.






As specified above my three problems are:
- ACPI ERROR of which I am attaching the error
- Unmanaged trackpad
- Video card upgrade vram from 513 to 1536 as I have seen around the HD3000


ACPI Error:


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Re: HD3000 VRAM, default behaviour in OS X/macOS is to allocate VRAM according to the amount of RAM fitted to the computer.



If you want to allocate more VRAM, you can apply patches to the SNB kexts though there is very little to gain; certainly nothing from a performance point of view (HD3000 is a pretty poor iGPU) and it won't fix the memory leak bug that causes horizontal lines and artefacts across the screen over time, merely slow it down a little (only solution is to reboot). You'll find details of the VRAM patch in this thread at IM or in the Clover config I posted in my most recent E6220 guides (High Sierra and later). Reading through the IM thread, you'll find that there's no gain to be obtained past 1024MB of VRAM.


Re: RAM, it's a little confusing because you entitled your thread with 4GB RAM and specified that in post #1. However your initial screenshot showed 8GB and you seem to state that you get 512MB VRAM allocated by default as is the case with 8GB RAM. If your laptop is only fitted with 4GB or RAM, I certainly would not go beyond 512MB for HD3000 VRAM ,for obvious reasons. If you have 8GB, yes you may allocate 1.5 or 2GB VRAM but, as stated above, 1GB really is sufficient.

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