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E6530: Monterey install


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You have to use a supported SMBIOS (relevant Haswell/Broadwell/Skylake model minimum). The HD4000 patch will be required post-install. I had tried Monterey beta on my E6230 and it had many issues like overall lag (despite HD4000 patch), high CPU usage and high T°. Best avoided imo.

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Same here on a Skylake i5, I had high CPU usage, Fans at maximum, heating and battery issues...

but Stable Monterey is 10 times better than the Betas, I just updated successfully today and all those problems disappeared.

so maybe it's the OS fault and not the unsupported graphics, I'm just saying :-1

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I have a Skylake (6th Gen Intel Core) machine but you can try mine.

I removed the WiFi and Bluetooth Kexts, I also removed the Audio layout ID on AppleALC.kext (boot flag)  as idk yours, changed the SMBIOS to match yours, and added "-no_compat_check" as a boot flag, although I think these changes aren't enough, but you might just try


also, you need to patch the graphics as the 4000 isn't supported as Herve said

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