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Precision 7710: can AMD firepro W5170m be supported?


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thanks to Jake Lo for sharing DELL 7510 EFI (here), my Dell 7710 run Big Sur perfectly(except wake from sleep).

but it use only integrated graphic and i think my graphic card which is AMD W5170m must work.

(seems W5170m is similar as R9 M375X)

please see this link:



can someone help me to fix it?

thanks in advance.


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I don't know if W5170m will or not. To test, you need to disable SSDT-DGPU.aml in the Config file and change the BIOS to disable Switchable Graphics. This will disable the Intel graphics and enable only w5170m only. Optimus is not supported in Hackintosh.

Another option, if your issue is to fix wake from sleep is to make some changes in the BIOS. I forgot to mention this in my guide.

Go to the BIOS, create a new boot option, name it DVMT or whatever. Point it to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/Bootx64.efi

Save and reboot.

At start up, press F12

Select DVMT or whatever name you gave it

At the grub prompt, select 1

This will reboot the system, boot to your MacOS

Test sleep / Wake

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I already try fix that by DVMT method. but it didn't work. external monitor wake but internal display not.

fixing sleep is not such important to me.

I also already remove SSDT-DGPU but i think some change in "DeviceProperties" is needed.


in dortania guide mentioned that FirePro W5100 is supported and fakeID is needed.
please see here.


but I don't know is it means W5170m also supported or not. and if it actually supported how to use fakeId to make GPU work.

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