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EM7455: unable to set com6 or com8 mode


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laotop: lenovo X230

wwan card : em7455 lenovo version

MacOS :10.15.5

I put the sierra wireless em7455 in my Sandy Bridge/HD4000 X230 laptop . it's good work in windows and linux

then i want it work in Catalina 10.15.5

The usb and wwan is show hardware  ,but not work

So i think maybe need enable com6 or com8 , I try it, but not sucessful

what's command that i can do it








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@LTE-Card Did you check the Sierra Wireless web site at all? Because the Sierra Wireless EM74xx AT Command Reference manual is available here... at sierrawireless.com! Simple no-brainer account registration required.


Also available here, again with account registration though through a more complicated process it would seem.

4117727 AirPrime EM-MC74xx AT Command Reference r4.pdf.zip


For the rest, I assume you know that you have to define the APN parameters for the connection you want to initiate; parameters depend on your service provider/Telco.


You may also want to use the standard keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots rather than pictures with a cellphone...


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