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Dell E7440 webcam does not work on Monterey


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Hi there.
Not so long ago, I was able to upgrade MacOS from Big Sur to Monterey.
However, I only noticed today when I wanted to use Microsoft Teams that I couldn’t see my camera.
I also tried FaceTime but unfortunately it doesn't see either.
I checked it in the system settings and there the camera is enabled for all applications, so this is not the problem, but the system itself is not shutting down the camera.
Anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
(I have attached my currently used EFi)


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What do you mean by "system itself is not shutting down the camera" ?


Do you see the Webcam in SysInfo->Hardware->USB section or in IOReg?

If you don't, you need to revisit your USB ports settings: remap the ports again or possibly adjust your bootloader ACPI patches (eg: XhciPortLimit, renaming of EHCx devices). The USBPorts_E7440 may need to be regenerated for Monterey. Try it anyway.


Also, why apply an ACPI patch that renames ECDV to EC when you inject an SSDT-EC.aml patched table that defines a separate EC device?

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This is what the "SysInfo-> Hardware-> USB" section currently looks like for me.

Unfortunately, my English is quite incomplete, so the system part was just a bad wording.

Truth be told, I don't understand the ACPI part, so I don't know what the "ECDV to EC" part means.
I don't understand ACPI so much that I'm always afraid to reach out someday ...

Could you please provide some help, even a tutorial link on how to get started regenerating "USBPorts_E7440"?




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