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Two OC configs with two different issues. Display selection vs usb 3.0 connectivity issues.


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I am stuggling with a Dell e7280 OC config issue. I have hobbled together two almost identical config files with two weird issues. 

Config 1: Display 2 via USB C dock will not work or detect. Usb 3.0/2.0 drives work in USB 3.0 ports
Config 2: Display 2 works as a second screen but no USB 3.0 drives work in USB 3.0 ports. Only USB 2.0. The dock also randomly connects and disconnects in Hackintosh Tool. 

Could anyone help me figure out how to combine these two into 1 fully working config with a working dual display and USB 3.0 ports? I've tried for a few days and gave up.  I have swapped all the Kexts from config 1 to 2 and from 2 to 1, copied the display prams, etc. I used Grubmodtool to set the memory to 96mb btw. 

CPU: I7-6600u
GPU: Intel HD 520
Ram: 16gb DDR4
OS: macOS BigSur
MacBookPro 13,3


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