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DELL M4800 - OSX 12.3.1 / Monterey - who will share EFI ?


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I tyed some EFI but will not work. Hang at boot or boot loop.


also this https://github.com/hansyao/Hackintosh_Monterey_M4800 + mod like the guy that have the simular issue


who will share EFI for M4800 ?


My Hardware:

NVIDIA Corporation GK106GLM / Quadro K2100M

NVIDIA Corporation GK106 HDMI Audio Controller

Intel Corporation Wireless 7260


Intel GPU is OK for me, because NVidia is not supported or not ?



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Moving to Precision M section where you'll find fairly recent threads about M4800 Hackintosh. Do look those up.

Kepler dGPUs are last natively/officially supported in Big Sur. In Monterey, they require specific patching since support was dropped.

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