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Dell 5559: unable to boot OpenCore for Monterey


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Hi guys I have been trying to figure this one out over the last few days but I just reach: OC: grabbed zero system-id for sb Error and it reboots.


Dell 5559
CPU i5 6200U
Intel Skylake Graphics
Intel Wireless
Realtek ALC3234 sound
4gb RAM but I have more
250gb SSD

I have attached my EFI folder.
It is 33.5mb so unable to upload it here so sent to my mega:

Any help with this would be great TIA

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Did a validation check on your Config and found some errors. Here's a fixed one, give it a try

Some kexts are in the wrong orders and had to be corrected. 

The CPUFriendDataProvider.kext, is that specifically generated for your CPU?

It's for power management, leave it out if you're also using ssdt-Plug, one or the other, not both but I didn't make that change.


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Thanks so much for your help, I will give it a try

I will remove the CPUFriendDataProvider.kext 

I removed the CPUFriendDataProvider.kext and it made it to the installer and then kernel panic saying CPUFriendDataProvider.kext  was missing. I replaced it and now its booted to the OS installer and I have formated the SSD and it has started installing Monterey.

Fingers crossed now...

I did run the config.plist through the validation check in opencore configurator but did not correct everything in there.

Thanks for your help hopefully it will install fine now

I spoke too soon



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Oh, I did not do that.

I made a new installer on a new USB stick and the install went fine right to the very end and it seemed to get stuck in a loop. It said 'under one minute remaining' and I left it like this for 3 hours.

I will remove CPUFriendDataProvider.kext from config and kexts and try again.



All I seem to get now is this loop in the picture.

Both if I try to reach the installer or if I continue with the install on the SSD

Are any issues showing up in this screenshot Jake?



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I have an update on this.

Rebuilt the USB and it seemed to just go into the endless loop above but I left it running for hours this morning and it actually finished and I was able to setup my account and move the EFI partition over to the SSD and now it boots everytime.

I have not had time to fully test it yet and it does seem a bit sluggish for an i5 with SSD and 8GB RAM. Maybe needs tweaking

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