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D830 NVS140M Mountain Lion UNABLE TO INSTALL


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Hello Everyone,


trying to install ML on a D830 with NVS140M Video Card (1600x1050). BIOS is A16


Any boot options that I've tried have failed. The installer stops at [ PCI configuration begin ].


Tried with all these boot options (to no avail)....PciRoot=1, CPUS=1, npci=0x2000, ncpi=0x3000, mach_kernel, -v -f -x....


Using the myHack method.


I've also copied over the IOPCIFamily.kext (as per the myHack guide) and ran the Full myFix on the USB installer key but the installer does not boot?? HELP!!!


Again.....at a loss!!!

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Hello Bronxteck,


yep I'm using a stock 10.8.2 image that was purchase/downloaded from the App Store. Still nothing!


Hard disk is using AHCI mode. A16 BIOS.


Any particular boot settings I should use? Also any special kexts I can use/patch to my USB installer?


I'm at a loss!

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Trying right now.....


Nope...same thing. Stuck at PCI Configuration Begin.....


My USB key is a SanDisk Cruzer U3......after a while it goes into a pulsating mode (like it's asleep)....that's all that happens.


I've also tried with 2 different USB keys and same outcome!

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Maybe that model needs a dedicated DSDT file. Could you follow the procedure listed "DSDT/SSDT patching" post (Research section) and post your files to the specified address?


Then, post us your findings/results afterwards.

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As per this post:




...I'm attaching the DSDT, SSDT, PCI Dump and Devices Dump in this post!!! I'll also email them to the email address indicated in the post.


THX everyone again for all your help on this one!!!!




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