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Latitude E5550: no graphics acceleration for HD5500 in Mojave


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I must thank Unicorn for settings from here (link given by Jake Lo, also thanks);



I used the Properties section settings for config.plist in my clover boot efi which worked for everything else but no QE/CI graphics.


I copied over the cloverx64.file only from Unicorn clover, but left the bootx64.efi bootloader which works for me v5102.


Finally there is a Quirks section which I don't understand at all, initially I didn't paste it over to my config.plist.


Then I was curious & tried it, it does not damage anything but I wonder what it does or improves, the quirks settings comes from opencore

but was incorporated later into clover.


These are notes for myself about what I did to have a fully functional hackintosh on Dell Latitude E5550 with OS X High Sierra & Mojave

(that is except for trackpad scrolling & gestures).



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Some extra notes:

I wanted to see what happens if I remove the kernel flag nv_disable=1

& remove from the ACPI the disable Nvidia GPU patch graciously provided by Jake Lo:


The result is not destructive & just gets the NVidia GPU detected & listed in the system profiler:



GPU Name                       GM108M [GeForce 830M]
GPU Device ID                  0x134010DE



Type:    GPU
Bus:    PCIe
Slot:    Slot-1
PCIe Lane Width:    x4
Vendor:    NVIDIA (0x10de)
Device ID:    0x1340
Revision ID:    0x00a2
Kernel Extension Info:    No Kext Loaded


This is why an extra entry for it was needed in config Properties section:





It's sad we cannot make use of NVidia CUDAS even in High Sierra as the NVidia GPU does not get activated even there.

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Thanks Mr Jake Lo, I will disable it back.


PS. I do not think it is wise to remove this extra entry that identifies the NVidia's chip in config.plist (even if we disable it):







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Works also for Sierra somewhat, will go into kernel panic though, but can get in using -x safe mode.


Reports full QE/CI for graphics Intel HD5500 in safe mode.


I found a way to solve this by using some kexts in the 10.12 Clover kexts folder, this from another user who solved for Sierra:




his Clover EFI here:


by doing so I get everything working bar Airport (kext AirportItlwm_v2.2.0_stable_Mojave.kext.zip simulating Airport doesn't work for Sierra, but worls for Mojave & High Sierra)


there is another project to get WiFi with a similar kext Itlwm, it goes as far as recognizing the integrated network card but does not activate the hardware) maybe it needs some extra input.


Might attach the corresponding Clover EFI folder for Sierra later for those interested who have an OSX Latitude E5550 they want to run Sierra on, though High Sierra or Mojave are better, I did this only because I had a USB 3.0 stick with Sierra installed, it's just a hobby for me.


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Maybe, I'm on Sierra for my MacBook Air mid 2011 6,2

Mojave, High Sierra, Yosem, ElCapitan... I use SSD's.

High Sierra & Catalina on macmini7,1 but I use thunderbolt 2.0 running Windows 11.


Fooling around with OSes is a hobby to me, I enjoyed using Chrome OS on different laptops, PCs, etc...

I rarely use anything but Windows 10 & 11 nowadays as I got all my software on Windows & have an Office 365 subscription.


PS: I also have an old macmini3,1 which is supposed to only run ElCapitan tops, & with the hack I use High Sierra on it, it's also my favorite box to run Tails on.

At one stage I managed to install Windows 10 on it, it ran decently, but then I broke it with Paragon software & couldn't be bothered to reinstall it as too much work for bootcamp which is limited to Windows 7 officially on that Mac.

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