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Trying to upgrade from 10.6.3 to 10.6.7 on my Inspiron 1520


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You can also try the npci=0x3000 flag. That sometimes works. The flag PCIRootUID=1 might work as well.


You said when booting with verbose that the last line is "SATA WARNING: Enable auto-activate failed". What are the few lines before that? Is the line "DSMOS has arrived" showing up?

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Thanks for all your replies.

Obviously I'm new at this.

When I enter ncpi=0x3000 does it require a dash in front of it like -v does?


the last few lines are:


DSMOS has arrived

Intel Memory::init

AppleBCM440OXEthernet address 00:1d:09:dd:b8:4a

Intel memory::init

Init Pool: Offset = OX08000000 size = 0x08000000

SATA WARNING: Enable auto-activate failed


regarding "what type of os install methodes are you using?"

I'm installing 10.67 combo from apple.com

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