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Latitude 5490: need help to install Ventura


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Thanks @ZainAnjum it works too on a 5290 i5 7th Gen 7300 Kaby Lake needed to adapt for the sound to ALC225, also have the issue with bluetooth, but I'm using an AX210 intel, this may differs from yours but I've noticed in Hackintool that Device Name is showing a Broadcom instead of AX210 just like on my other Nuc hackintosh, see below. Any idea to resolve this ?



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It's probably something you incorrectly inject in your setup/config.

You can always click on the magnifier icon at the left of the BT line to see what kext is loaded for that device. You may also consult the USB tab to check what's reported for Bluetooth and against which port. Finally, check your IOReg; ideally post it.

But given that I see that the "FW Loaded" case is checked, I reckon you probably inject one of those Broadcom firmware kexts and/or Broadcom injector. After all, I see that the last EFI linked by @ZainAnjum does contain the following kexts:

  • BrcmBluetoothInjector
  • BrcmFirmwareData
  • BrcmPatchRAM3

and a config file called config_Broadcom. Maybe you've mixed or used some of those things, we cannot know.

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Thanks Hervé for your time.


I've made a couple of modifications from EFI posted, and took all 3 BRCM kexts off in the config.plist.

Please find it attached for EFI and Ioreg.


IOReg :






Really appreciate your time here.


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Thanks for the tip Hervé, it finally did the trick, really appreciated your guidance.

Otherwise, I've been able to upgrade directly from Ventura to Sonoma from system, I was quite astonished that it was doable.



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