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Installation locks up!


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I am following the step-by-step process to run OSX on my Latitude D530.   I created the boot flash disk, with the image inside.  Powered the computer with the usb, the installer is read, I get to select the language,  then installation begins and it locks up.  The farthest that I have gotten is 18 minutes remaining.   


Any ideas?   Any help would be appreciated.


My model is the Core2 Dou, with 4 gb of memory, the harddrive was freshly partitioned (journaled)....What can I try?


Thank you in advance



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First, which version of OS X?


Second, is it an AppStore version?


Third, which BIOS version are you currently running?


Fourth, did you follow the setup guide exactly, including supplying myHack with the proper D530 bootpack?


You really aren't answering our questions, which makes it MUCH more difficult to answer your questions.

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OSX 10.7 from app store

the myhack device was created with a macbook pro running 10.8

My bios is A08 (maybe this is my problem, but at least in his signature Bob is running a very similar machine with the same Bios)

I went thru the bios and basically shut off everything except the usb (so the computer could read the usb stick)  Wifi/bluetooth everything else was off.


Booted up with the -v and I am able to get to partition and erase the Toshiba MK8034GSX 80gb drive as journaled and GUID.  I get to accept the apple terms and conditions and select the drive where I want to install the os. It starts installing the os, then it freezes: I am left staring at the installation screen with a giant X and a frozed blue bar with a numeric minute countdown.  This morning I thought it was me being impatient, so I left it for hours to see if it was just taking a long time (being that the computer is not an apple product)  2 hours later..stock at 18 minutes.  Is there a way to see where in the installation at the 18 minute mark is happenning?  


I would have thought that after the os is running, its just a matter of copying into the drive. It manages to boot up from the usb flawlessly everytime.


Thank you in advance.



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It's always recommended (but not mandatory) to run on the last available BIOS. I'd also advise you to check your BIOS settings and compare with BIOS settings recommendations as published for several other D series models.


What are the full specs of that laptop (CPU model, add-on cards, networking)? I guess it's running GMA X3100 graphics with a GM965 chipset, right?

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The D530 comes with the GMA 965 chipset, so its definitely the X3100. BIOS A08 is the newest available for the D530.


To be honest, although mine is a D520, the D530 is closer to the D630, as far as specifications go. I'd setup the BIOS according to this thread:



Then be sure you are supplying myHack with a proper bootpack from here when you create your USB install disk (Be sure you get the one for 10.7!):




You can open the installer log when installing OS X. As soon as you start installing, tap Alt+L to bring up the installer log. Switch the reporting (Upper left-hand corner) in the installer log to "Show Everything" and then begin writing down where it is at when it freezes. If you can, take a photograph of it frozen and post it here.

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