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e6430 with NVS5200/Intel HD 4000


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I am wondering this as well... 


leppy700m, it looks like we have pretty similar setups.  

Have you figured out how to get sleep working?

I used the files from Jake Lo's tutorial and replaced my wifi card with the one he recomended and it works great.


I have a docking station, but I don't get any video out of the DVI ports.  the USB ports work I think... but I did have to roll back the kexts to the USB2 ones.


No, i think the DSDT edit is a pretty good start, but it needs some fine tuning for reliable sleep.   DIsplay sleep seems to work fine here, but not full sleep.


RE monitors out from the docking station - that could be done in DSDT as well, or with some efi strings.  I don't have the time for these things that I used to.

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Good news!

Got USB 3.0 Superspeed working without system hang and no need to roll back to USB 2.0.

Get file here.



I will test this out later today!


And Thanks Leppy700m  I will look into fine tuning my DSDT and see what I can come up with, I don't have a whole lot of time either. :)

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We have added this system to EDP also!<br /><br />Could be worth the try! :)


I have just tried installing EDP and was impressed so far, what a great idea!  I think it fixed a few problems I was having (I was using a wrong DSDT and SDT.aml or whatever), but it also messed my sound and trackpad and a few other things up as well.  I just had to put back the kexts I was using for my system from this page https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2327-dell-latitude-e6430/ that Jake Lo put together.


With Jake Lo's packages I was able to get everything working except sleep and HDMI out.


After installing EDP HDMI out works!  Actually, it works awesome!  See photos below :)








Screen sleep no longer works fine like it used to, it just goes to a white screen...

See photo below (furthest to the right)

IMG_0219.JPG,And full sleep crashes the system entirely and needs to be rebooted, so I set the computer to never sleep for now.  most of the time its plugged in anyways, but It would be great if someone could come up with a sleep solution by editing the DSDT.


I haven't tested the docking station yet, but will on monday... it most likely will need to be fixed by editing the DSDT as well, but who knows!



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Here are the Kexts I am using in my Extras/Extensions folder:


And here is a link to my extras folder if anyone has the same computer as me:



Download, unzip, replace your extras folder with mine and run "myfix"


I figured out how to at least get my display to go black when the screen sleeps by editing the org.chameleon.Boot.plist like so:


Here is a link to download my org.chamelon.Boot.plist file:



I believe what made it work was the "darkwake" Kernel flag :)


Can someone help with trying to get full sleep and the Dell Dock station working?  THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!



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