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BIOS Mod Question


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Hi all,


Let me begin by admitting that I am on a slightly different quest - I'm not looking to use OSX, but I do need to hack the BIOS of my D620 and I can see that this is one of the few sites on the net with the users and brains required to do the job.


My intended hack I believe is fairly minor. All I believe I need to do is to edit the DMI strings reported by BIOS to the OS. ( I need to do this because I am trying to install some industrial s/w that has recently included this limitation).


I also would like to change the BIOS splash screen, but tbh that is the icing on the cake, and if I have no cake I'm not bothered with the icing.


I have spent two full days trying to figure this out but only drawn blanks.


I have managed to use winphlash to retrieve the bios from machine, then tried to edit the strings but then got crc error as I have no idea how to calculate this. Also even tried to restore the backup file winphlash makes but I can't even get that to work - it looks like it nearly will if I use winphlash but then it moans the bios is not flashable!


I am not looking for a solution to be handed to me on a plate, I wish to learn how to do this myself, but I am totally lost and have no idea where to begin!


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The bios is phoenix, but as it's a dell I can't use phoenix bios editor.


I did look at bios-mods but unfortunately they only seem to be looking at slic and enabling extra features.


I hope that it's ok I've sent a pm to the author of the d630 bios on here as I'm guessing he would find this task trivial.

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d620 bios should be modifiable with phoenix bios editor. you need a fresh bios installer from dell plus an rw report and compile on the same machine. if it's dsdt that you want to edit then you need to have it pause at dsdt while compiling so you can edit the dsdt.

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