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How to install Lion on D620


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A System Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or later with:

  • Intel Core 2 or above, 64 bit CPU
  • Mac App Store Account + $29.99
  • Internet Access to Download 4GB OS X Lion App through Mac App Store
  • 4GB space available in /Applications
  • 8GB additional free space on your hard drive OR 8GB USB Stick.
  • Use this Extra from Bronxteck
  • Use this Smbios.plist

Don't have Snow Leopard yet? Install via this guide from the wiki

Install Guide.

STEP 1: Purchase OS X Lion from the Mac App Store

1. Boot into your existing Snow Leopard installation.

2. Download the OS X Lion App directly from the

Mac App Store - it will automatically open.

3. Click Continue.

4.Target your currently booted Snow Leopard drive and hit Install. This will not install the OS or affect this drive in any way. It will simply install the files necessary to do so later in the process.

5. Click Restart to reboot.


Create 1 Partition 8 GB of size if you want restore to HDD (name it Lion) or 8GB USB Drive if you want to restore to Usb


1. Download


2. Double-Click xfail, and choose Installer as Destination

WARNING: DO NOT choose existing Snow Leopard as the Destination.

Do not interrupt the process- it will only take a few minutes. When done, you'll have a secondary partition on your drive containing the OS X Lion Installer!


1. Use Champlist to download latest Chameleon.

2. Install Chameleon on your USB stick.

3. Copy your

existing Extra map to your USB Stick.

4. Rename your

com.apple.Boot.plist to org.chameleon.Boot.plist


1. Reboot- at the Chameleon boot screen, choose Installer

2. It will boot directly to a familiar Mac OS X Installer complete with Disk Utility. 3. Install OS X Lion over existing Snow Leopard or onto any empty drive or partition or do a clean install.If you've installed directly over an existing Snow Leopard installation, you're done! You should already have done proper post-installation steps on your existing Snow Leopard drive.


1. Install Chameleon

2. Copy your Extra from your USB Stick to the root of your Hard Drive.

Warning: Use champlist to add arch=i386 or you won't have QE/CI

What works: Almost Everything works expect Bluetooth after sleep.

Credits goes to tonycrapx86 & MacMan for making the base for this guide and xfail


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Could not get installer to work.. but cloned a installation of a Mac mini.


i got my D430 to boot Lion by adding VoodooTSC to /s/l/e also.. needed to sync core's...


There is some buts:


1. Its extremely slow, hardly useable

2. You can not use arch=i386 .. it will die durring boot

3. There is not GMA950 drivers, hence you are limited to 1024x768

4. Keyboard does not, i guess we need to add voodoopos2controller.kext to /s/l/e also


On my D430, it actually runs faster in VMware on SL :P

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1. You need to boot in 32-bit than it's not slow any more

2. You must add -v -f arch=i386, otherwise it wil not work

3. There is a driver for GMA950 but no 64-bit driver

4. Yes, you can add VoodooPS2Controller.kext to /s/l/e, than your keyboard works

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This is the problem i see most of the time:




.. also, the reason why Lion is slower, seems to be because of the new Sandbox.


Lion is without question a new way of doing things for Apple.. for the better of worse

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