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Will mlpostfactor support GMA x3000 Graphics on HP dc7700?


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I have an HP dc7700 USDT with Intel GMA x3000 graphics on board. This is 

a great little machine running osX Lion. I found a method to upgrade to ML from 

the guys at HQ-A using MyHack.



The problem with this machine is finding the HP riser card that enables the use of a PCI-e 16x graphics 

card. They just aren't available. Have tried to kludge a PCI-e 16x flex cable into the box but it's way tight.


I understand that GMA x3000 is the desktop version of x3100 which made me wonder if I could use

mlpostfactor hack to install ML in 32 bit mode and make use of the onboard graphics capability? 


Don't understand enough about the hack to know if this could work or would be an exercise in frustration.


Any ideas?






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Give Bronxteck's suggestion a try with Lion. If it works, then there's a good chance you could get full QE/CI under ML with MLPostFactor since that reverts to Lion 32bit graphics kexts.

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