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Latitude E6220 " About This Mac " Logos


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I may have missed them but I Didn't see any of these created yet so I made one for my E6220 and would like to share with anyone else who may want to customize there OSX Latitude a little more.


For all intensive purposes this was done on 10.8.3 This may work on other versions but research before trying.


1. Open Finder and goto /System/Library/CoreServices/.
2. Right-click on CoreTypes.bundle and select "Show Package Contents".
3. Continue to Contents/Resources/.
4. Backup the files you are going to replace, I just named the original ( .ORIG )
5. Copy the new file into this folder. AUTHENTICATE
6. Your all done, Check About My Mac to see if it worked, You may have to reboot.


Our E6220s appear to be presented as file - com.apple.macbookpro-17-unibody.icns


To change the machine name & typical year listed below do the following :


Navigate to /users/YOUR_USER_NAME/library/preferences/

Edit the file com.apple.systemprofiler.plist


Thats it!!! All this info I grabbed from the web, Hope it can help someone.



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I changed this on my "Mac Pro" also, and in Maverick's it will be a little different! (I thought) :-)

Maybe we should add this cosmetic addition to EDP.


Could be a nice touch, I am going to do one for D620 / D630's and D420 / D430s as well and post. I like to give back in anyway for the hardwork you guys do.. Its small but its something :)

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I am going to do one for D620 / D630's and D420 / D430s as well and post.


Those already exist for the D Series and some desktops... ;)  We just have not published them yet. But you could do them for other Latitude E models if you wish.



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