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[SOLVED] Chameleon bootloader not working on 4k HDD


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New hard drives made today are made with 4k byte sectors instead of the 512 byte sectors. With this new type of sector, boot loaders will not work from your hdd, you can only boot from your install usb. I have done some research and found the solution! I had the same problem and fixed it. Hopefully it helps you to!


1) Boot with your install USB into the Mac OS X Installer.


2) Go to Disk Utility, click on your Mac OS X Partition on your HDD and press info.


3) Write down the disk identifier, close Disk Utility and open Terminal.


{In the next steps replace <diskid> with you disk identifier. It should look like this disk0s2}


4) Then type this without the quotes "umount /dev/<diskid>" Then press enter


5) Then type this without the quotes "dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/r<diskid>" then press enter


6) Type Exit, then press enter and close terminal.


7) Shutdown you computer and boot from your HDD. You should now be about to boot from you HDD without any problem!

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Hi, I'm building a Dell Latitude D630 using Mountain Lion and SSD. I ran into the same problem of the Boot0:GPT error.

I tried your fix and was able to unmount the disk0s2 but I couldn't apply the fix, it came back with


dd: if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 unknown command


Am I typing the command in wrong, or is my Dell not compatable with my Samsung SSD?


Everything else appears to work when I boot of the USB key.


Regards, Ken.

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Thanks Bronxteck for your help but I managed to get it working another way.

I powered on my D630 using the USB install but booted from the SSD.

I then used Myhack to load the latest Chameleon then again to FixIt.

Powered down removed the USB Install disk and powered up and now it works fine.

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