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issue install SL DVD


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first of all, sorry if post is bad placed,,
i got started new clean install of DVD Retail, Mac Os X SL on my Dell D620 GM945 ( same as GMA950 ),,i've folloxed your intructions by the line, like this
oneOnboard Devices:
. Fast IR = COM2
. Integrated NIC = enabled
. Internel modem = enabled
. External USB ports = enabled
. Integrated USB ports = High Speed
. Parallel port = ECP
. Serial port = COM1
. PC Card = Enabled
. Ambient Light Sensor = Off
. Brightness = max
. Brightness (AC) = max
. LCD Panel Expansion = enabled
. Primary Video = Onboard Video
. Admin Password = not set
. System Password = not set (*** Must be set on GMA950 models or BSOD (=crash) on wake ***)
. Internal HDD PW = not set
. Password Change = Permitted
. Password Bypass = Reboot & Resume Bypass (a must on GMA models)
. Wireless Switch Change = Denied
. Wi-Fi Catcher Change = Denied
. CPU XD Support = Enabled
. TPM Security = Off or On
. TPM Activation = Deactivate or Activate
. Computrace® = Deactivate
. Multi Core Support = Enabled
. HDD Acoustic Mode = Performance (or any other value)
. SpeedStep Enable = Enabled
Power Management:
. Auto On Mode = Off
. Auto On Time = xxxxxx
. USB Wake Support = On or Off (*** OFF for nVidia model or laptop will not sleep ***)
. Wake on LAN/WLAN = Off
. Serial ATA DIPM = Enabled
. Undocking Method = Hot Undock
. PCI Slot Monitoring = Enabled Silent
. Universal Connect = Enabled
POST Behavior:
. Adapter Warnings = Enabled
. Fn Key Emulation = Scroll Lock
. Fast Boot = Minimal
. Virtualization = Enabled
. Keypad (Embedded) = Fn Key Only
. Mouse/TouchPad = Touchpad-PS/2
. Numlock LED = On
. USB Emulation = Enabled
. Internal Bluetooth = Enabled
. Internal Wi-Fi = Enabled (keep to Disabled if you have an Intel card, they're not supported and need to be replaced)
. Internal Cellular = Enabled
. Wireless Switch = All
. Wi-Fi Catcher = Enabled


but, before i've made update of my bios, i had A08, now i got A10,,
before i had SLV1.iso, now i've got NawcomModCD!
so, everything is setup correctly, without fails, got the goot boot CD (NawcomModCD/38,7MB Winzipfile ), the good file, well burned,,
start intall, boot CD charges ( note i think it takes to long to cherge ),,when charge i change for DVD and press f5,,and i can get no booti've made a some pictures so i can explain myself better
Note: this time i've type mach_kernel,,i've tryed boot without choises bo sucess,,help will be welcome,,thanks in advance





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Nawcom's ModCD installation process is as follows:

1) boot ModCD

2) at ModCD setup screen, swap CD/DVD

3) press F5

4) When "Mac OS X Install DVD" icon appears, select it with left/right arrow keys and press [ENTER]


That's it, that'll take you to the Mac OS installer screen. Done and verified last night with Retail DVD 10.6.3.on D620 GMA950. Just boot with default legacy kernel as I found that Mach kernel gave me a black screen...


NB: Not that it matters to be able to boot ModCD and into the SL installer, but you never mentioned any pre-existing Windows installation before... Is that something "new" on your D620 HDD that you want to keep?

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i did it,, with no success,, :(,,i've tryed every mode,i've made 3 CD of nawcomModCD,,every time i boot nawcomModCD, just before the menu screen, i give's me the "error parsing list file",,end then menu screen,,i've change CD for DVD Retail and nothing,,,for me no way possible to boot with NawcomModCD,,only SLV1.iso can boot Mac Os X DVD Retail,,i've verify my Update my BIOS,,for that i've been forced to install windows 8 pro,,and for your question,, no i got nothing to keep on hard disk,,then i got download Bios A10.exe and i've run it,,he made reboot with new BIOS,,A10,,i must have killed 6 CD's last night,,today i had to buy another pack, only to be sure i got good CD,,i've burned the same file ( nawcomModCD ) on diferent drives, windows, ubuntu,,so i can have at least one good Boot CD

Don't now what more can i do,,, :(:(

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the only thing i can think of is if you have an existing extra folder. is that chameleon changed the naming of com.apple.Boot.plist to org.chameleon.Boot.plist new version of chameleon responds to org. naming. Mod cd might still be using the com. naming there both the same file just some one decided to change the name for some reason.

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yes,i've download the lestest version of NawcomModCD,,,and i've made 3 Boot CD's,,no possible way to boot SL DVD Retail,,is not damage,, is got less then 3 week's,,i've already done successfull install of Mac Os X with the same DVD,,,but,,i've used SLV1.ISO,,

well,,i've tryed all modes, with all 3 CD's,,no boot possible, sometimes errors, sometimes KP,,strange, now that i use ModCD and got correct setup my BIOS ,i can't be able to boot Mac Os X dvd,,however,,with SLV1.iso,,i boot Mac Os X DVD easy and normally,,i've tryed another methode,,,i explain,,i'm happy,, aparently i've install succefully Mac,,with My Hack but diferently from your guide,,i'm happy everything run's fine so,, i did this:

i boot with SLV1.iso,,i made Mac Os X install,,then using USB 8GB,,i've made restore image of Mac Os X DVD, on disk utility( i made this, cause my hack takes to long to install Mac Os DVD, and bugs a lot ),,so once restore finnish, i've run My Hack for USB,,i've install " chameleon, myhack utilitys, extra, take off problematic extensions and run my fix ",,after this i restart Pc and i was able to boot from USB,, finally, no errors and mac Os X is installed, got graphics, internet, except sound, but think is easy to fix,,want to look arround,, gonna connect my self and download team veawer,,see you!

and then i restart

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