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Mavericks on E6410 nVidia

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Dual boot Win7 and 10.9.5

1. create USB boot as if you were to install 10.9.5.

boot to USB and use disk util to create partitions 1 for win and the other for osx.

boot from win7 media and install it like you would have on a single drive.  ideally win7 with sp1 and do all the update.

2. install 10.9.5 per Patel's guide on OSX.

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Hi Patel,


I see that you have a patch for DSDT to fix the shutdown issue. Could you please share the patch script to me? I'd like to use  my own DSDT. Thank you so much!!!

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hi gang


i have a problem with setting up a bootable mavericks usb. 

i have an old hackintosh on a hp dc7600 but only on 10.5.7 and i cant use myhack


is there an older version of myhack or another way i can set up a bootable usb for mavericks on my e6410? 


specs; nvida graphics

           i7 640m 

           4 gb ram

           120 ssd


i cant get to a newer version of osx and i cant download the mavericks free from apple so i have base system dmg file. is it possible to just burn the mavericks base system to dvd and add kexts after im in??


cheers guys

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Hey guys, I am not sure if anyone knew this.  I been trying to get my hackintosh on dual monitors.  And by mistake I made a great discovery (at least to me.) I pop the wrong e6410 on my dell docking station think it was just another of my e6410 with win OS but it was hack 10.9.2.  I saw that mac was booting on my primary screen I was like oh well, then as soon as I signed in both screen works.  So for those of you who has Dell docking might want try it or get one for cheap.  :D  awesome!!  As soon as I fond out I came straight in here to share. 

When you say primary screen, do you mean the laptop's screen or an external monitor? I have two dvi monitors plugged in my docking station, but for some reason, I can't get the laptop's screen to transfer to the second external monitor. 

Laptop screen and external DVI monitor work fine, but I would like to get both external monitors to work. 


Has anyone had any luck with that?


I'm on 10.9.5 using the chamln guide with i7 nVidia graphics.



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Thnk you Patel for your awesome guide and hello wonderful people!


This is the third machine that I am installing on and I have a problem.


Installing with an i5 560m cpu is fine - no problems and everyone is a happy camper.


Installing with an i7 740qm cpu is a no go. The boot gets as far as 'still wating for root device' and continues to wait forever. A non verbose boot leads to a stop/prohibitory sign above the apple logo.


I have made an honest effort to get it working but am just having no luck here. I can't help feeling that I'm overlooking something obvious.


Does anybody have a suggestion?


Thank you! :)

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Make sure BIOS Sata Operations is set to AHCI


Tried that first - it's absolutely and definitely set to AHCI mode :)


Edit: Thank you for your suggestion though.

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