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Mavericks 10.9.1 / HM87 / Iris 5100 / Asus UX301LA


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Big Thanks to EMlyDinEsH!!! Without his Help, this all isn't possible!








Big Thanks to EMlyDinEsH!!! Without his Help, this all wasn't possible!

Mirone for Patched AppleHDA!

RehabMan for the Haswell Patch and all his Work in the Kext Drivers!

The Clover Team!! For that awesome Bootloader!

And all  others  :-)

Asus UX301LA Specs:
CPU: i7-4558U (2 x 2,8 + 2HT) (Haswell-ULT)
(Cache: L1=128KB L2=512KB L3=4MB)

GPU: Intel Iris 5100 (Dev=0A2E Ven=8086)
RAM: DDR3L-1600 (2x Elpida 4GB / Onboard)
Chipset: Intel Lynx Point-LP / HM87 / ICH8(m)
Audio: Intel HD (ALC282)
SSD: 2x Sandisk X110(SD6) 128GB (M.2/NGFF)
Touchpad: Elan V6 (Firmware: 6758151)
SD Reader: (Update soon)
Wifi: Intel 7260+BT4.0 AC (M.2/NGFF)
Bluetooth: Intel 7260+BT4.0 AC (M.2/NGFF)
USB: Lynx Point-LP USB xHCI HC
Camera: HD WebCam (Ven=1BCF Dev=2987)
Touchscreen: Atmel maXTouch Digitizer (Ven=3EB Dev=8A0C)Features: smbios-2.7, dmi-2.7, vsyscall32
Bios Features: pci upgrade shadowing cdboot bootselect socketedrom edd int13floppy1200 int17printer acpi usb smartbattery biosbootspecification uefi

BIOS: UX301LAA.204 (09/11/2013) (AMI)

Working/Not Working:

Audio: (ALC282) Working with Patched AppleHDA

HDMI/DisplayPort Audio: Working!

USB: Working OTB with Issues. Better: GenericUSB3

Touchpad: Working with: ElanTouchpad

Graphics: Working with patched DSDT (Duallink+All Ports Working)

Sleep: Working! But after Wake you need to wait 5-10 Secounds!

Backlight Keys: Working with patched DSDT & AsusNBFNKeys

Backlight Display: Working with Patched DSDT

Battery: Working with: ACPIBattery and Patched DSDT

SD Reader: Working very good OTB (But no entry in Systemprofiler)

HD WebCam: Working OTB (But doesnt turns off after you used it)

Touchscreen: Working with Touch-Base drivers!

KeyboardFN Keys: Working with AsusFNKeys

HiDPI: Doesn't Work on 10.9 (With DisplayOverride) (2560x1440 on 13'3)

Wifi: Not working and never will be! You need to change the module! But it's in the NGFF/M.2 Format, there is nothing other out now!

Bluetooth: Working! But you can't turn it off! It's working, but always on!


(...In Progress...)



What do you need?


1. Make a new MacOSX Install "USB-Thumb Drive"

---> You need a OSX Computer or VMware OSX or something with OSX for this Step!

---> You need a "Clean Vanilla OSX Install Drive"!!!!

---> Do not use unifail, or something else! Make it with DiskMakerX or CommandLine!

---> After you successful created your OSX Install Drive, Download Clover!

---> Install Clover to your "OSX Install Drive"!

-------> Change Destination --> OSX Install Drive!

-------> Customize > Tick only:

----------> "Install for UEFI booting only" / Drivers64UEFI > "EmuvariableUEFI-64" & "OsxAptioFixDrv-64"

----------> Select only this and nothing else! Click Install!

------> Now there should be a new Drive, called "EFI". Open it!

------> Download this Files:

------> NullEthernet, ACPIBatteryManager, FakeSMC, ACPIBacklight, GenericUSB3,

------> EAPDFix, AsusNBFnKeysApplePS2ElanTouchpad, AppleHDA, HFSPlusDSDT.aml

------> Put all that files in a Folder, you need them Later again!

------> Now open again your "EFI" Partition on your "OSX Thumb Drive"

------> Put this files: NullEthernet, ACPIBatteryManager, FakeSMC, ACPIBacklight, GenericUSB3,

------> EAPDFix, AsusNBFnKeys, ApplePS2ElanTouchpad

------> Into: /EFI/CLOVER/kexts (All the files are .kext files)

------> Put DSDT.aml into: /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched

------> Put HFSPlus.efi into: /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI

------> Delete VboxHFS.efi from: /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI

------> Download Config.plist and put it to: /EFI/CLOVER



2. You are ready to Install! Start the computer, go in BIOS Settings,

---> Load default settings!

---> VT-d ---> Disable it!

---> Add a new Entry for CLOVERX64.Efi (From the OSX Install Thumb Drive)

---> Change your RAID to AHCI! (OSX doesn't Support intel Raid)

---> Disable "Secure Boot" or Just delete the KEYs!


3. Now Start your OSX Install... Don't need to explain this Step :-)

----> If you get a reboot, and OSX Install doesn't start, you have 2 Solutions:

----> 1. You need to patch the Kernel on the OSX Install Drive (and Later on the installed OSX)

----> 2. You can patch you BIOS with PMpatch! (You can destroy your Laptop!)

----> Solution 1 is Safe, but you need to do this after every OSX Update...

----> Solution 2 is forever, you need to patch this only on BIOS Updates...


4. Now you have Installed OSX! Go & Buy a USB-Wifi Dongle, or use the Lan-Adapter included!

----> Now you need to download Clover again. Install it now on your HDD, click Customize:

----------> "Install for UEFI booting only" / Drivers64UEFI > "EmuvariableUEFI-64" & "OsxAptioFixDrv-64"

----------> "Install RC Scripts for Selected Partition"

----------> Select only this and nothing else! Click Install!

----> Now download Kext Utility and install with Kext Utility only this kexts:

------> NullEthernetACPIBatteryManagerACPIBacklightGenericUSB3,

------> EAPDFixAsusNBFnKeysApplePS2ElanTouchpadAppleHDA

----> Download FakeSMC from Sourceforge, install it (Customize -> Check if everything is ticked)

----> Put the HFSPlus to /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI (And Delete VboxHFS.efi in that folder)

----> Download ssdtPrGen.sh run it in Terminal:

--------> "sudo chmod +x ./ssdtPrGen.sh" and "sudo ./ssdtPrGen.sh"

--------> now you have on your Desktop a file called "ssdt_pr.aml" (You need only this file)

--------> Rename ssdt_pr.aml to SSDT.aml!

----> Put DSDT.aml & SSDT.aml to /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched

----> Customize your Config.plist or leave it how it is and put it to:

--------> /EFI/CLOVER


5. You are Ready! You can Reboot and Enjoy your new Mac :-)

----> Read how to Customize everything...

----> ApplePS2ElanTouchpad, AsusNBFnKeys (Have much options...)

----> Clover have much options you can change with config.plist...

----> Search yourself, how to optimize some things :-)


Last Update: 25.01.2014



Downloads on GitHub:




I have Attached all the necessary files. They are from (25.01.2014)




Original MacBook/iMac Tables:


MacBookPro11,1 Firmware Update (MBP111.0138.B03 (EFI 1.3)) 
MacBookPro11,2 Firmware Update (MBP112.0138.B02 (EFI 1.2)) 
MacBookAir6,2 Firmware Update (MBA61.0099.B04 (EFI 2.7)) 
iMac14,1 Firmware Update (IM141.0118.B00 (EFI 2.1)) 
iMac14.2 Firmware Update (IM142.0118.B00 (EFI 2.1)) 


You can Download them on GitHub:




If you have requests for other Apple Tables, just post, and i upload them!

I can upload other Tables from other Laptops/PC's as well!

Just request them!


Cheers :-)


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Updated and Completed GUIDE!


PS: Im searching anyone, who can help me with the new Experimental DSDT!

The Goal is:

---> to get sleep & wake working!

---> Patch Battery, that we don't need any Kext for this! (Vanilla)

---> Add a working "HDAU" "HDEF" section, that we don't need HDAenabler for HDMI & Displayport Audio!

--------> Without HDAenabler, i get only Laptop Audio Working, but not HDMI/DP Audio! With HDAenabler, all is working!

Battery, HDAU, HDEF, is fixed now!


Thank everyone, who can help me! :-)


Cheers :-)

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Hello Ramalama, I was referred here by EMlyDinEsH. He said that you might be able to help me with my DSDT. I have an Asus Ux302LA, which has very similar specifications to your UX301LA. The only issue is that when I use your DSDT, it will not allow my system to load. I would like to apply the display/key backlight brightness patches to my DSDT, but it contains 13 errors. I extracted my DSDT using DSDTfixer, extracts from ioreg.
Currently, I am using DinEsH's brightnessfix v.1.1, and the script runs, but it sometimes does not work because it makes the screen turn a bright black. Here is what I have working:
Audio: VoodooHDA
HDMI/DisplayPort Audio: Probably working (don't care to try)
USB: Working OTB (no issues)
Touchpad: Working with: ElanTouchpad
Graphics: Not working (needs DSDT patch, currently overriding display 1080p)
Sleep: Working
Backlight Keys: Not working
Backlight Display: Semi-working with Brightnessfix v1.1 script (needs DSDT)
Battery: Working with: ACPIBattery with some issues
SD Reader: Probably working (don't care to try)
HD WebCam: Working OTB (but doesn't turns off after you used it)
Touchscreen: Not working
KeyboardFN Keys: Not working
HiDPI: Not working (unsure)
Wifi: Edimax USB

Bluetooth: Unsure
I would appreciate your help with my DSDT issues, thanks. I attached my DSDT, system log, and ioreg. Also I am running mavericks 10.9.0


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Hi :-) Are you from Germany?


I Already asked you in another thread :-) I have no problems to support the UX302LA :-)


Okay, 1. Update you BIOS to the newest version, thats 207 atm.

2. Extract with clover all your tables, and send it to me :-)


And 3. My DSDT for ux301, will not work for you! Because our graphics! i have a Intel Iris5100 and you have a Intel 4400+Nvidia 730.


4. i need to know if you are using i7-4500U or i5-4200U CPU.


Cheers :-)

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Aah, okay, sry...


i read the another thread now :-) So you don't have any nvidia card in your UX302LA? Strange :-)

But it will be easier and faster for me xD


You can access the clover partition if you use this command in terminal:

sudo mkdir /Volumes/Efi
sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/Efi
sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/Efi

After you mounted clover partition, go into it, "EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin" (delete here everything) the origin folder should be empty...


now if you are in the clover screen, hit the Key F4

  • save original (OEM) ACPI tables by pressing F4

Boot OSX Again, mount your clover partition again, with the commands above....


go into "EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin"


pack everything in this folder to zip, or pack this origin folder to zip and upload it to me :-)


This all will be going faster if you pm me your Skype name or something, where i can chat with you and we can fix all things together...


And update your bios before to the newest version :-) if its not already :-)


Cheers :-)

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