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After reinstall, Launchpad and Applications folder are not synced.


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After a reinstallation of Mac ML 10.8.4, launchpad has all applications that I installed before & after the reinstallation, but Applications folder has only applications that I installed after reinstallation. Is there any fix? I have provided screenshots below.


Screen Shots:



Launchpad View (I only provided one page)



Applications folder view. There is less than the Launchpad folder

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do you have another user account or mac partition which has the apps? they might be importing from there. so applications folder would only show what is local in that volume

I only have two user accounts. Both do not show all of the apps in the Applications folder.


I did not install any secondary Mac partition.


I do not know where the apps are coming from. Once I figure that out, I want to restore them back to Applications folder.

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